Celebrate Truffles Give-Away

I was just recently introduced to Celebrate Chocolates Truffles from Celebrate Life Nutrition. I had the opportunity to try their exquisite truffles and cocoa almonds.

When I first saw the boxes of Celebrate Chocolate Truffles Creations, I assumed that a serving size was 1 Truffle. So I flipped it over to read the nutrition facts - serving size was 3 truffles, which was exactly what my boxes held. There are 3 flavors you can choose from for Truffles - raspberry, almond and cherry. You can also choose an assorted box and try all three flavors! That's what I had. After savoring all three truffles, I can't choose a favorite. They were all three equally, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And these decadent treats were just 160 calories!

The next day I tried the Celebrate Chocolate Classics. This one had the cocoa almonds and I knew I could eat the entire box and feel fulfilled. That's because with Celebrate Chocolate, I not only enjoy a full-flavored treat, but one that would help control my munchies. You see, the chocolates contain a special blend of Avocado, Macadamia nut, and Hemp seed oils. When you savor one or two Celebrate Chocolates about 20 minutes before a meal - when your stomach is not full - it passes more quickly into your intestinal track. There, as it is digested, along with the natural cocoa oils, it begins to tell your body you are beginning to get full. So, you eat less during your meal.

Overall, this is a wonderful treat for people who want to lose and/or maintain their weight. So put the Hershey Bar down and try some decadent Celebrate Chocolate Truffles! Visit Celebrate Life Nutrition for their complete product line.

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