Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies

My son loves Care Bears. They bring to life great lessons for kids and nostalgic memories for me. That's why I was excited to watch Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies with my sons. It has eight awesome Care Bear adventures that teach kids valuable lessons on honesty, integrity, and telling the truth. The episodes on this DVD and some show highlights are:

  • The Tell-Tale Tummy: When one Care Bear lies to cover up her mistake, her conscience makes her have butterflies in her belly. They don't go away until she tells the truth.
  • Oopsy, the Hero: Oopsy has an "oopsy" moment, which thankfully leads to him saving the lives of his friends. But he let's everyone think he really is a hero ... until he realized that telling the truth makes him a true hero.
  • Bumbleberry Jammed: Grumpy discovers the best tasting berry bush in all of Care-a-Lot. He doesn't want to share, so he digs it up and hides it in his house. The bush gets sick and it requires the help of his friends to bring it back to health.
  • Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks: Grizzle loses Mr. Beaks and accuses the Care Bears of hiding him.
  • King of the Gobblebugs: Oopsy wants to tell stories as interesting as the other Care Bears, so he talks about bumping into the King of the Gobblebugs. Soon all the Care Bears are afraid of the Gobble Bugs - and it creates a big mess for Oopsy!
  • Bad News: 2 Care Bears decided to become reporters, but they are so anxious to have something newsworthy, they don't care if its true.
  • Tour de Farce: Grumpy doesn't want to admit he can't ride a bike when invited to go on a picnic.
  • No-Snow Day: Some friends of the Care Bears try to create snow to see what the fun is about, but accidentally make No-Snow which makes happy Care Bears grumpy and Grump quite cheerful!

It was hard picking a favorite episode, since they all were so kid and mom-friendly. But, I have a soft spot for Grumpy, and he was the big star of Bumbleberry Jammed. Although, it was nice to see him smile and be cheerful for a change in No-Snow Day.

The DVD features Direct-Play, so that children can play the DVD without the assistance of a parent. It is available starting today, June 9th, for the suggested retail price of $14.98. It has an 88 minute running time.


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