Bumkins Contour Diaper& Snappis!

I love to use my gorgeous Monster Fluff Studio Fleece Cover as much as possible with my little boy. To do so I need a cloth diaper to put under it to catch pee and waste. Currently, I use a Dream-Eze fitted, but I am not in love with it. I feel it adds too much bulk to the cover. I've been dying to try some other options and Bumkins gave me the solution, a Contour Diaper.

First off, this thing is thin. It puts the fitteds I've tried to shame! It's made from two layers of cotton or bamboo know and has a microfiber pad sewn between the exteriors. This internal microfiber pad provides super absorbancy, while the exterior is breathable and comfortable for my kiddo. Even without Velcro or Snaps, the unique concave shape and elasticized legs, which differs it from a traditional prefold, helps capture moisture and waste! Bumkins says one size fits most, and I can easily say that it is a good fit on my 25 pounds monster!

I took pictures of him wearing the fleece cover with the contour diaper underneath (from Bumkins). Can you see how slim? From now on I will definitely take him out in public using the Contour and the Cover!.

Now, I keep chatting about using this awesome Contour Diaper with a Fleece Cover. That is a necessity, because there is no water proof exterior on the Contour Diaper. But you don't have to go far to find a cover, since Bumkin's does sell them too in cute patterns.

I would guess you would want 4 covers if you were going the strictly contour/cover route. That way you can rotate between them. You want covers to air out between wet diapers. But you don't need to toss them in the wash every time. Since I have only one Fleece Cover I rotate between it and my other diapers during the day and then toss it in the hamper at night. So if you do wash every 2 - 3 days, 4 covers should work. My favorite cover is Green Eggs and Ham. They have lots of Dr. Seuss options to check out!

Now, Bumkins was also great in satisfying my curiousity with Snappis. What are Snappis? Well, you know how everyone has this crazy notion that the only way to cloth diaper is with square, cloth triangles and pins. Some people still do it that way! And they love it! There are so many ways to diaper a baby with a traditional prefold. And then they pin it. Now some moms may love prefolds, but their husbands or mother-in-laws or babysitters may be scared to use pins. Heck, the mom probably doesn't want them to go anywhere close to their precious kiddo with a pin. So the alternative is a Snappi. It closes a prefold without the use of scary pins.

Snappis come 4 in a pack and are great for babies up to 18 months, more or less. The more you stretch them, the easier they are to use. When I first opened my package I was wondering how they would ever stretch enough. But the more I played with them, diapering a stuffed animal since my 18 month old was too big (sniffle sniffle), the easier they were to use. They have teeth on them that hold onto the diaper, creating a strong closure. I can defintely see why the Snappi is a preferred, reliable way of fastening cloth diapers!

I also have an all-in-one from Bumkins that I love. Every time I wash it, I swear it gets better and better. That has a built-in waterproof cover.

Bumkins has way more than just diapering products, all though that is honestly why I love them and know the brand. But actually most people know them because of their bibs! I think they are the #1 selling bib brand? I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. :smile: They also have adorable tees and onesies (once again, check out the Dr. Seuss selection) and even aprons for moms! Heck, if they can keep a child clean when eating, I am positive they can keep mom (or dad) clean in the kitchen! I also love their pull-on pants and overnight pants. Those would be super when potty training when out in public. No fear of messes and your kids can still wear their underwear, avoiding the confusion of wearing underwear at home and pull-ups or diapers when out an about.

Buzzworthy: Shopping for a baby shower? Give an EcoFriendly gift of Cloth Diaper Bundles. They are available as All-In-Ones and Diaper Covers. I honestly think some moms are just afraid to try, so give them a chance to try and fall in love with cloth.

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