Breakfast with Elmo at SeaWorld

Last Saturday, I have no clue who was more excited - me or my 3 year old. Okay - it was probably me. When I woke up, K. was already by my side snuggling. I told him we were going to see Elmo! And he and I were both out of bed like a bolt getting ready! He woke up his little brother, everyone got dressed and we were out the door.

I was anxious since they tell you to get there at 9am and the Breakfast with Elmo and Friends starts at 9:15. I was wondering how we would be able to get through the park with two kids in tow that fast, since according to the GPS we would get there at 8:45am.

We parked, literally threw the boys into the stroller and were relieved that we weren't too far from the entrance. But once we got there, there was a :gasp: LINE! Oh no! The parks open at 9am and we were behind a long line! I started panicking and told my husband to wait while I maneuver to talk to SOMEONE. First person I saw was a guard. I told him we were there for Elmo's breakfast and that we were supposed to be there at 9am. He said we should have gotten there sooner! Ha! I think I gave him a well-practiced mom-look, because then he pointed me off to the side and said I could go in a different line.

I still wasn't sure where he was referring to, but then I found SeaWorld employee who told me EXACTLY where to stand and wait. It was a shorter line. Once they checked our bags and played the National Anthem, the line started moving and we were allowed in the park. The breakfast was at the SeaFire Inn which is waterfront and extremely close to the park entrance. And even with my panicking, we were the second group to arrive.

The breakfast is $15 for children 3 and older. Under 3 is free. And adults are $18. You need to have reservations in advance.

They checked us in and gave us a seat right in front of the stage! The waitress was so helpful in giving us a highchair for my little one and cups for both boys. She even asked if we wanted drinks, but my husband was already at the buffett getting food for the 4 of us. It was DELICIOUS what he brought back. Milk for the kids and orange juice for us. He also brought French Toast sticks, scrambled eggs, muffins, bacons and cereal! I was so pleased when K., my finicky eater, actually was eating the food!


Sure enough, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie made their way down and mingled with the small amount of guests. It was almost like a private party, with about ten tables filled. Each character would come around, be silly, dance and interact with the kids! K. was totally enthralled! My little one, usually gregarious, was just taking it in as giant, fluffy people came and rubbed his head! He did give Bert a French Toast stick!

Music was playing in the background that kept the little ones dancing and happy, and the characters too. And when "C is for Cookie" came on, you know that Cookie Monster serenaded the group!

Then came the STAR of the show! ELMO! All of the characters, with Elmo and Big Bird, came on stage and danced. Then the kids were invited to go on stage too and meet Elmo and Big Bird in an orderly fashion. My husband and I were last on line with the kids since we were debating whether the little one would want to go. But in the end I decided I didn't want him to miss out on the experience. They got hugs and love - and it was a great photo op!

After an hour, the show was over. Characters said their good-byes, parent's packed up their gear and it was quiet again. We were the last to leave and thanked our waitress for her kindness and help. And I have to say, remember to tip your waitress. Over 1/2 the tables didn't tip her! (She said it in Spanish, I don't think she realized I was 1/2 Puerto Rican and understand enough to get by). But I just felt so bad! For all her work, a tip would be nice! Of course I offered a tip. And when I told my husband what happened, he retipped.

Finally, even though I was taking videos and pictures on my own, there was a professional SeaWorld photographer taking snapshots. And normally I pass on the photos - but I couldn't resist this time and got the shot of the boys with Elmo. As a passholder that cost me $10. And then my husband wanted the one with Big Bird too - just another $5 for passholders.

While buying our photos at the end of the day, a woman on line was listening in on our not-so-private conversation. We were already talking about the great time it was. She asked what we thought. Well - Breakfast with Elmo & Friends is completely buzzworthy!

And even K. agrees, as he talked about meeting Bert and Ernie on the ride back home ... until he fell asleep!

BUZZ HINT: It is good to being your confirmation number, just in case they have trouble finding your name.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the service.