Boon, Inc is always coming up with awesome products that help declutter your life. My love for all things Boon started with the Boon Potty Bench. Then I became envious of all those moms who had the frog and bug pods to keep their bath toys picked up. And then I eyed the Oval, Otto and Trio Animal Bags, thinking it was ingenious how they could help keep the plush toys under control.

Now, the buzzworthy word is about the bath toys Boon, Inc has available. These new, innovative line of bath toys are TBpA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free! It's hard to choose my favorite.

My sons had the opportunity to try some of these awesome toys out and we can share the buzz with you!

SPLAT: Splat is a fun, ring toss game that floats on water! The ring holder looks like a splash of water and holds three different sized rings. My boys use it as a stacking toy more than a ring toss, but older children should get the hang of it easily! It is available for $7.99.

Water Bugs: This is probably my favorite bathtime game. It comes with a net and three different, floating bugs. Kids scoop up the bugs with the net. It retails for $7.99. My boys like to scoop up the bugs along with the ...

Scrubbles: You can unscrew the tops of these scrubbles and put them on a different scrubble. It's interchangeable. They say you can fill it with water and squeeze it out, but its not very flexible to do so. But they do float, are fun and they can be washed in your dishwasher! It is available for $9.99. My oldest thinks they are toy jellyfish.

Since these Boon Bath toys arrived, I removed the older bath toys which were getting pretty gross. Moldy. Filled with stagnant water. I think these will fare much better since there is no place for water to stay. And they offer all the fun of traditional squirting bath toys, plus oh-so-much-more!

About Boon, Inc.

Boon, Inc. began with a messy toddler bathtub. Designer Rebecca Finell's wheels started turning and the Frog Pod was born. But the problem solving didn't stop there. She had lots of ideas for other parenting innovations so she sought out a partner, Ryan Fernandez—who could create a successful business—and together they founded Boon Inc. Today Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you Boon, Inc for providing the products for review.