Bella Sara: the Royalty Line

For years boys have been playing trading card games, such as Pokemon and Dungeon & Dragons. (Am I showing my age that these are on the top of my mind?) Well, it's about time that someone designed a trading card game for little girls! Enter the wonderful, online world of Bella Sara, a royal realm of fantastic castles, magic and horses.

Joining is free and give your child the following perks:
  • Access to exclusive games, puzzles, activities, articles, storybooks, and much more!
  • A horse to feed, brush, make happy.
  • A personal cottage to decorate with beautiful objects and virtual creatures from the Bella Sara Bazaar.
You see, girls collect the packs of trading cards to get codes. The codes will unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms, prizes and other items. With the new Bella Sara Royalty cards, you can find a Bella Sara Ticket with a secret code that will lead into Bella Sara Adventures, a new online experience where Bella Sara fans will complete adventures, customize their own character and ride their horse.

Online in Bella Sara's world, your child can also discover new royalty-themed activities, noble stories about the magical realms, jigsaw puzzles, downloadable wallpapers and a variety of printable activities. All of the horse-themed fantasy cards offer positive, inspirational messages.

I received two Bella Sara Royalty card packs, which retail for $2.99. Each pack contained 5 cards, 1 ticket card, 1 tattoo card and 1 sticker card. The cards were gorgeous and would be perfect for my niece, 4 years old, who loves horses. The online world is for ages 5 and up. But, I thought the messages on the cards were sweet.

In my first pack I had the following cards:
  • Brine - a Fiery Seahorse - Choose friends who are positive and loving.
  • Farah - a Cloudy Unicorn - Begin your story with a dream that inspires you.
  • Jewel - a Sturdy Draft Horse - I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
  • Bella - a White Horse wearing a Crown - Think positive every day. Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.
  • Shahazar Castle - Lighting the spark within.
  • And I had a Copper Ticket with my Bella Sara Code to get horses, horseshoes and more!
My second pack had the following cards:
  • Nike - a Pegasus - Have the courage to trust yourself.
  • Cantaro - a Black Pony wearing a Dream Catcher - Develop your ability to lead. Ask a wise person for advice.
  • Donnecha - a Brown Horse with Cream, Flowing Mane - This moment is too full of chances for you to grow and learn.
  • Kitty - a horse with a Rainbow Mane - Being happy helps your friends feel happy too.
  • Magic - a White Horse with Knight Decor - Look to the heavens for the shooting stars. Now make a wish.
  • And I had a Silver Ticket with my Bella Sara Code to get horses, horseshoes and more!
I adore the Magic Card. It is so pretty and I love the message. I love all the messages and hope it means something to my niece!

This Royalty line of cards is the 9th series under the brand. You can find the Royalty Check list here: Royalty Checklist. This is when Sara is finally introduced with her very own card, making it uber-special! Plus, you will be able to experience the royal realms and fantastic castles in North America.

BUZZWORTHY: Instead of typing in 5 - 7 codes, as in previous Bella Sara packs, there is now a Bella Sara Ticket Card with one code in each Card Pack. The Ticket Cards are either copper, silver or gold - each color giving you different levels of access. But all tickets will unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms and more!

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