Balloon Time - A Party Must-Have

As many of you know, we celebrated my son's third birthday last month. It was something I was planning for months, with Super Hero invites I designed, cupcakes I made and a bounce house I rented. I knew I wanted balloons, but decorating and finishing up in the morning didn't seem to work well with running out and getting balloons. Thank goodness for Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kits!

I picked up a Kit from my local part outlet where they had two options. One was a Balloon Kit with 50 latex balloons, a 14.9 cubic foot helium tank and some ribbon. I think it cost $34. My other option was the Create-A-Face Sticker Kit. It came with 30 balloons, an 8.9 cubic foot helium tank, nearly 200 stickers with different facial features and ribbon. That one cost around $24 at my local store. I picked that one to use at the party.

I was so glad I did, because it was a bit hot and muggy outside. So when the kids came inside to cool off, the balloons turned into an inside activity. Several grown-ups pulled down the helium filled balloons, handed them to the children, ages 2 - 6, and started letting them choose stickers and decorate. Even the adults got into the action, making their own silly faced balloons. And at the end of the party, the kids could take home their creations. There were 10 kids and 30 balloons, which was more than enough!

And filling the balloons before the party was a cinch too. My mom and I had to use plyers to open the tank, it was definitely stuck fast. Which is good - you don't want the helium to accidentally get loose. But once we turned the knob, we just had to put a balloon opening on the valve and it easily filled all 30 balloons! I filled them, my mom tied them with ribbons (What's going to work - TEAMWORK! GO WonderPets!), and it really looked like a party when we were done!

Here are some pictures of the party balloons. You can tell everyone had fun! I definitely will purchase this Create-A-Face kit in the future - I think it's a party must-have. Easy to use and fun for kids. And when they outgrow this kit (whenever that may happen), I will look into the other cool options! Currently the Balloon Time Kits that are available are:

Balloon Time Kits retail for about $20-$35 at retailers nationwide, including Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us and Factory Card & Party Outlet.

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