All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent

I admit, that when money tightens I start trying to scrimp & save on products when I can. Laundry detergent is one of those things. But every now and then I "splurge" and buy a higher priced detergent. But I just realized something. Even though the amount in the bottle may be the same, sometimes the detergent is so concentrated you only need 1/6th a capfull. Meanwhile, other detergents require you to use 1/2 a capfull - and their caps are waaaaaay bigger! So even though I may be spending more upfront on 96 fluid ounces, my 96 ounces will last longer and be the more economical choice if I choose an awesome brand like all small and mighty.

I just love all small & mighty with stainlifter. My first reason is it honestly gets my clothes cleaner than discounted laundry detergents. It has a stainlifter that really works! And that is important in a house with active boys. And with summer practically here, that means more playing outdoors, getting sweaty, sandy, muddy, eating popsicles, icecream, etc. Just imagine the messes their clothes will see! But it's such a relief to take their laundry out and see the stains come right out!

The second reason I love it, is because it is so concentrated that it lasts seemingly FOREVER. 96 loads! That's like 5 months worth in my house? I think probably 3 months in some other households.

All small & mighty will sell for $12.99 for 96 fluid ounces at most retailers. It is available in the following formulas:
  • Stainlifter
  • Wild & Fresh
  • Relax
  • Fresh Rain HE

I suggest buying it at least once and decide for yourself! I bet you will love it as much as I do!

Oh - and check out this HILARIOUS videos with Joan and Melissa Rivers at ALL Laundry. I embedded the Joan Rivers one below. The photo above is from Melissa's Laundry Fairy video.


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