1-800-Flowers for Father's Day: Win a $50 Gift Certificate

Father's Day is creeping up. If you read my site often, you probably already know what I suggest for your hubby! But what about the OTHER dads? Your father, the one who taught you to drive a car? Or maybe your brother - the one who was way too overprotective about all your boyfriends. Or what about your granddad, who always sneaks cookies and other sweets to your kids. Well, have you considered 1-800-Flowers.com?

"Huh?" you may question. "Flowers for FATHER'S DAY?"

No! Not flowers - but 1-800-Flowers has tons of OTHER awesome gift ideas for dads everywhere! Plus, it's convenient, affordable and easy. I know I am having trouble getting to the store with two kiddos underfoot. But a phone call or e-mail order is SO SIMPLE.

Here are my top picks for Father's Day!

My brother-in-law loves WINE. So the Vineyard Elegance wine basket ($69.99 - $99.99) or the Wine Grape Basket ($64.99) would be perfect for him. And my sister would enjoy it too!

My grandfather has raised my mom, taken care of me and is now a great-granddad to my kids (literally). So you can't beat the John Deere Ol' Dad package. It is COMPLETE with all sorts of goodies! Sausage, pretzels, taffy, almonds, cheese, mustard - and all packaged in a super cool, nostalgic toolbox tin.

And for my dad - the man who you can always find behind the grill in winter or summer - the Steven Raichlen Barbecue Basket ($46.99 - originally $79.99!) This oh-so-HOT gift comes with 2 BBQ rubs, BBQ sauce, a bag of beef smoking wood chip blend, a sauce mop and a red leatherette basket. Oh yah, this will start grill season perfectly!

And if you order now, you can still have it shipped in time for Father's Day!

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