WIN: Urban Fluff - Cloth Diapers

My sister-in-law swears by one-size diapers. I was more of a perfect-size diaper person, since it seems like the one-size dipes I've tried are just not wide enough for my little man's belly.

But, what gets me to try new diapers is how dang cute and stylish some of them are. And sometimes I am pleasantly surprised with the results. That's why I am so THRILLED that Urban Fluff has some chic diapers for your little ones. Because it gave me the opportunity to try a one-size diaper that fits perfectly my 25 pound boy!

First, let me talk style. The diapers are gorgeous. They have a chocolate brown PUL outer that perfectly complements the gorgeous colored microfleece inside. No boring white here. And I think that would also help hide potential stains. But, I have to tell you we have yet to have a stain (fingers crossed). But, I read about stains occurring and really think some colors would help minimize the discoloration. Personally, I just love color! So these are the colors you can choose for the Microfleece - baby blue, baby pink, orange and mint. I have the baby blue and I love love love it. Especially the accent of the microfleece peeking around his legs when he is wearing his diaper and tee.

The diaper itself is a Velcro diaper. I know, I personally prefer SNAPS. But I simply close the Velcro/Aplix when I put it in the wash and there is no snagging. All of my diapers come out nice and snag-free. And the reason the Velcro rocks in this instance is because you can get an awesome fit from 8 pounds to 35 pounds.

No cover needed. Since this is an all-in-one dipe, you do not need a separate cover to contain the wetness. The inner layer of oh-so-soft microfleece and the soaker will absorb the pee and the PUL will keep everything and everyone dry. The soaker pad is awesome, as it easily snaps into place and can be folded to accomodate all three size settings and/or absorbency needs. You can also purchase extra snap-in soaker pads, so that you can simply change a wet soaker and not a whole diaper. I would let the cover air out in between changes - but you can easily rotate 2 covers throughout the day. I imagine it would be less laundry! Most of my diapers here are pocket diapers where you have to toss the diaper and the soaker in the wash. With Urban Fluff's AIO One Size you only have to change the cover when it gets soiled.

Sizing is a snap. Literally. Using the snaps on the front, you can change the size of the diaper to fit a baby from 8 to 35 pounds. So my son has 10 more pounds to go before outgrowing the diaper - but he should be potty trained by then! We use the largest size setting, but I played with the snaps and it's amazing how it shrinks the diaper down in a size or two!

Cleaning is easy too! One thing cloth diapering mamas like to compare notes on is how they clean the diapers. Everyone does it slightly different. Urban Fluff suggests you machine wash on hot using 1/4 cup of detergent and then tumble dry as usual. They come out super clean and in great condition after multiple washes! And I love how the soaker is DRY when it comes out, not slightly damp. Just don't forget to use the fold-over laundry tabs to ensure the Velcro doesn't snag on the diapers.

The fit is perfect - around the belly and the legs. The waist is a perfect fit thank to the cross-over tabs that can be attached anywhere and some elastic on the back for extra stretch and allowing it to move with an active baby and toddler. Honestly, the combination makes it a truly personalized fit. And the legs are elasticized, as well, keeping poop and pee where it belongs! I have yet to have a leak with this diaper!


  • Super-stretchy tabs
  • Fold-Over Laundry Tabs
  • 3 different rise settings
  • Use from birth to potty training, 8 pounds to 35 pounds
  • Re-use diaper outer for several changes
  • Absorbent, soft, microfleece for a stay-dry feeling
  • Super-trim fit
  • Durable, can be washed and dried on hot
  • Quick drying-designed to dry in one dryer cycle
  • Fun colors!
The diapers are $22.95 each and they come with 1 snap in soaker. To make optimum use of the unique attributes of the diaper, it's suggested you have 3 snap-in soakers for every cover.

This is the diaper that sells me on the fact that one-size diapers are an economical choice, when they really fit from birth to potty training. All cloth diapers save money, since you an wash and re-use. But you eventually need to buy the next size up with perfect size diapers. The Urban Fluff One Size diaper will save you more money, since they will never outgrow it until they are ready to potty train!


Overall - I love them. It's well made, stylish, cost-effective and fits perfectly. I hope everyone adds at least one or two of these into their rotation!

Just so you know...
Okay, I haven't tried the Urban Fluff pocket diapers - but if you are a die-hard pocket diaper fan you will want to see their selection. Currently they are selling their pocket diapers for $17.95. They have a unique design, where the inserts will agitate out in the wash "for a cleaner, more hygenic diapering experience"!

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