WIN: PUR Water Filtration with Flavor Options

My husband is currently preparing for a body building contest. He's pretty massive. I think he weighs 230ish right now? But to compete he has to get completely "cut", so he will have to lose 30 more pounds. So that means a lot of egg whites and tuna. Not exactly flavorful. But he does drink some Crystal Light sometimes, since it has 0 calories per serving. He makes huge pitchers of it and leaves it around in this ugly, old pitcher we own and whose top is missing.

But when I was introduced to PUR Water Filtration System with Flavor Options I immediately thought it would be perfect for him. It would be nice to have some calorie-free flavor in his diet. And when I told him about it, he told me he used to have a PUR pitcher when he was younger - sans flavor.

Now, when the system came to the house I put it aside until I had time to read the directions. But my very excited husband opened it up, inserted the filter, filled the pitcher, set the filter life indicator, inserted a raspberry flavor cartridge (included) and started downing the flavored liquid.

I eyed him and asked how it tasted. He said it tasted like flavored water. That tells me nothing, so I took a sip and had to agree. It was delicious, clean water (that came from our tap) that now had a slight raspberry flavor to it. You can vary the concentrate of flavor that flows in your glass with a push of a button at the handle. Now, I misunderstood how this worked and thought it was flavoring the entire pitcher. But - nope - the more you push the button the more flavor is going in your glass only. This rocks, because that means everyone can enjoy a glass that is specifically made for them. Plus, you can change the flavor cartridge WHENEVER YOU WANT. If you change flavors mid-pitcher, you wouldn't be mixing lemonade with grape. It will be whatever flavor cartridge is currently in there. And if you just want water, don't push the flavor button.

I LOVE the pitcher. So much prettier than our old one. It holds seven 8-ounce servings of water. And the pitcher design is narrow, so you can fit it in the door of your refridgerator. That's awesome, since our shelves are full of a lot of chicken for hubby.

Now, I love filtered water. It tastes so clean! So it's neat that I can filter my own tap water with this pitcher. That's because the stage two filter reduces sediment, chlorine taste & odor, chlorination by-products, agricultural and industrial pollutants, lead, mercury and microbial cysts. Whoa - I didn't even know all of that COULD be in my tap water. But, even though it takes out all of that stuff, it still leaves in beneficial flouride, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Now, the PUR Water Filtration System with Flavor Options comes with 1 Pitcher, 1 Filter and 1 Flavor Cartridge. Ours came with Raspberry - but other Flavor Options include Lemonade, Peach, Grape and Strawberry. My husband and I also tried the Lemonade and Grape flavors, and we like Lemonade the best.

I definitely prefer this PUR Water Filtration System to the Crystal Light water my husband was making - with non-filtered tap water! It's a nice gentle flavor!

Fun Fact: Eco-friendly and Wallet –friendly: You can save up to $600 a year if you switch from bottled water to filter water!

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