My Tot Clock

I always wanted a clock that tells my toddler when it is time to wake up, that way he doesn't get up at 5am when mommy is still sleeping. Well, I found my clock! It does EXACTLY that plus SO MUCH MORE. It's a Tot Clock that has a timer that displays colors to teach your toddler:

BLUE: When to sleep
YELLOW: When to get out of bed
LIGHT BLUE: Nap time
RED LIGHT: Discipline/ Time Out
GREEN: Positive Activity

The color coding rocks, because it helps children understand when it is time to do something, even when they cannot read an analog clock. It also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, music and has white noise. It comes with a cartridge in the back which you can change out with new ones, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Hen, Princess and the Pea and Sleeping Beauty. Each of these features a story, 5 lullabies, a white noise track and a wake up song.

My Tot Clock came with a Moon & Stars Faceplate. But you can snap off the faceplate and replace it with other styles, available from the website. This includes a Ballerina Design, Barnyard Design, Butterflies, Dinosaur, Ninja, Noah's Ark, Princess and a Sport's Design.

Honestly, I personally don't use the Disciplinary Red Light yet. My kid is an angel. (HA!) And he doesn't nap in his room, so we don't need the Naptime Light Blue Light. But I love the Dark Blue Sleep Light and Yellow Wake up Light. He is still getting used to what the colors mean. But he loves the white noise. Plus, it's cool that you can dim the light so it's not too bright for your child to sleep. It's a very cool sleep-aid!

You can win your very own My Tot Clock! Simply leave a comment your best sob story of why you need more sleep!

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