Eebees Adventures DVD SET

I often hear moms say they don't know what to do with their baby or toddler all day. They want to help them learn, develop and grow - but how. Now, I admit you don't want to use the tv to "babysit" your child. But there is an awesome series of DVDs called Ebee's Adventures that show you how to turn playtime into learning time! One DVD that I had an opportunity to watch was Figuring Things Out. It's not meant for you just to plop your child in front of the tv. Instead you watch together and discover how you can learn colors and patterns by stacking blocks or cause-and-effects with turning a light bulb on and off.

Eebee is an adorable puppet character with crazy noodle hair that interacts with an adult woman. He has a limited vocabulary, like a real baby and/or toddler. There are also scenes where real children do the activities, as well. The DVD is meant for ages 12 months and up. My 16 month old really enjoyed watching with me! And it was fun re-enacting different play activities with our own toys!

For example, when Eebee plays with a flashlight, he his having a lot of fun following the light's path. He learns about concentrating on objects, details and controlling items. I know my kids LOVE flashlight, shining it on things and creating shadows. So that is one fun activity that the DVD shows you and that you can re-enact at home.

Plus, what really rocks is the Play-by-Play Guide where a child expert explains each playtime activity and what your child is probably thinking and experiencing.

Eebee's web site also has toys that you can purchase to help invigorate playtime learning at your house. First off, I love the Eebee Doll they have on their site - 17"! But they also have a bowling set, ball set and an Adventure Playmat/Play House that looks like loads of fun for a curious baby!

Eebee's Adventures: Figuring Things Out is 75 minutes long. Its activities include The Lightbulb Goes On, Blocks & Tackling Ideas, and On the Go. It is approximately 75 minutes long.

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product. Thank you to Eebee's Adventures for providing these DVDs for review.