Win: Douglas Plush Toys

My little one has a new best pal - a furry friend - an Australian Cattle Dog. Thankfully I don't have to walk or poop scoop after it, since it came from

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are probably overloaded with plush toys and need an Otto Animal Bag from Boon, Inc. But, you know it's totally different when you find that ONE STUFFED TOY. The lovey.

I find that my boys tend to get attached at the age of 1 or so to a certain toy. My oldest loves a plush Spiderman we bought him for his first birthday. My little one loves his WowWee Animal Alive Cub that he got for Christmas. But, this Australian Cattle Dog was a winner right from the box! My 16 month old grabbed him, had him walking around the house, was making woof noises and hugs, kisses and ... love bites on the nose and ears. Hey, you know toys love being played with - and this Australian Cattle Dog was getting a lot of love! My little one even takes the dog to bed with him and drags the dog back out with him in the morning. It's love, I tell you.

Now, Douglas Plush Toys is maker of premium plush toys. You can tell the quality when you pull one out of the box. The Australian Cattle Dog was SO SOFT. Minky soft! His eyes are securely attached. And his fur is ...perfect! The stitching was very well done, but it become open on the chest where the grey fur met the brown fur. But that has also happened to my Build-a-Bear ... and other animals. So the Plush Vet (aka Mommy) just easily sewed him up and he was as good as new.

Even the options were amazing. I was allowed to review any of the plush dogs or baby plush toys from Since my little one is not quite a baby anymore, I gazed at the dogs. It was SO HARD to make a decision. But, I could easily see the appeal of these dogs to owners of the breeds. I mean, how many Australian Cattle Dog plush toys are there at Toys R Us? But you could find the Autralian Cattle Dog at Douglas Cuddle Toy, along with a Wolfgang Pointer, Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Terrier, Lab and Dachsund. Our Australian Cattle Dog is 9", but the lengths and sizes vary per dog.

So, yah - dog lovers have to check out the Douglas Site. But they have more than dogs! You can find plush horses, cold weather animals, cats, wildlife, farm animals, sea life, teddy bears, mythical creatures, dinosaurs and plush bags and purses. And the prices are great! The Australian Cattle Dog was only $10!

Shop and save with the discount code: mombuzz. This is a 10% discount code that will expire 7 days from now!

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