WIN A CLOTH DIAPER: Snap-Ez Pocket Diapers with Snaps

It's no secret that I love Pocket Diapers. They are convenient, easy to put on, easy to clean, dry quickly. My favorite pocket diapers are ones with snaps, rather than Velcro. I know the argument is that Velcro gives a custom fit around the waist. But I feel that the snap diapers maintain their shape better and they don't snag on other items when washing and drying. And I am lucky that I don't have any issues with any of my snap diapers fitting around my son's waist.

Now, you might think all pocket diapers with snaps are the same. I mean, how many different diaper patterns can there possibly be? A lot! They each have unique features that eventually cause you to have a preference or favorite.

So, let's take a closer look at Snap-Ez Eco Pocket Diapers. It has a waterproof outer fabric of PUL (polyurethane laminate). Inside is custom milled microfleece, so that poop doesn't stick on it. It washes off easily - which means it reduces the possibility of staining. Plus, the PUL and microfleece are knits, making them stretchy and allowing for a better fit on your baby! A better fit means fewer leaks! I've NEVER had a leak with a Snap-Ez diaper.

There is Lastin elastic around the legs, the very front of the diaper and around the pocket area. This is good to know, because Lastin was developed for salt water swimwear! So imagine how durable it is. Snap-Ez even guarantees their elastic with a 2 Year replacement warranty. I think the elastic in the front and back improve the fit around the waist. It's the elastic in the front and around the pocket that make this diaper unique to other pocket diapers with snaps that I've tried. My other pocket diapers only have elastic around the legs and depend on the snaps to maintain a good fit around the waist.

Snap-Ez diapers come with an amazing pocket soaker. It might be my favorite insert. It is made from three layers of super absorbent cotton fleece. It washes and dries perfectly and is thin, so you are not adding to much bulk to your child's diaper.

I also love the color selection that Snap-Ez provides! We were given the opportunity to review the celery, which is a soft green color. But the other colors are also gorgeous for both boys and girls.

Overall, the Snap-Ez Eco Pocket Diaper is high on my cloth diaper list. I would choose it because of the color selection, perfect fit, snaps - and of course the fact it is a pocket diaper. You can purchase it at for $17.95 with the insert.


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