Choosing a Potty and the BabyBjorn Little Potty

Potty seats. Choosing one can be so DIFFICULT. I think the truth is that one size does not fit all. So how do you choose a potty seat?

1. HEIGHT: How tall is your child? How tall is the potty seat you are considering?
When my oldest started potty training he was only 19 months old. On top of that, he was also in the 10th percentile. He was a SHORTY. The potty seat that I originally bought was just TOO TALL. He could not sit or position himself correctly on it.

BABYBJORN: Baby Bjorn has two potty seats to choose. The BabyBjorn Potty Chair has high back support and comfortable armrests for your child. But I got to try the BabyBjorn Little Potty, which is simple and minimalistic. The front of the Little Potty is 5.5" and the seat itself is a low 3.5" from the ground. The small size makes it perfect for little ones to sit on their own. Even my 17 month old can position himself on the potty to sit and (sometimes) pee.

2. Size: How small is your bathroom?
My bathroom is TEENY. The floor space from the bathtub edge to the door is 55". From the wall to the toilet is 32". That is the floor space that is available to place a potty. The Boon Potty Bench that I own is 19 x 12 inches - which is a good portion of my available space! There is barely room to walk in there to bathe them!

BABYBJORN: Baby Bjorn's Little Potty is ... little! It lives up to its name measuring approximately 9.5" x 8". When it sits in my bathroom, I have plenty of room to walk around still!

3. Travel-Friendly: Can it hit the road?
I am always stuck with what to do when we travel. Last time I made my parents take the Boon Potty Bench to me in their truck since my car was stuffed on a family trip. Otherwise, my kid has to hover on the toilet.

BABYBJORN: The Baby Bjorn Little Potty is designed to be travel friendly. It can easily be tucked in the back of the car with plenty of room to spare. If you have an SUV or minivan, you could even use it in the car for "emergency stops".

4. Emptying and Cleaning: Peepee goes in the potty!
Some potties have inserts that you pull up, dump and clean. Others have drawers that you remove, dump and clean. Really, as long as you get rid of the waste, I am happy!

BABYBJORN: With the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, it is all one unit. You pick it up with a handle at the back, dump the waste in the toilet and then I rinse it out. It's easy to use and clean and since there are no crevices, there is no way for waste to accumalate and bacteria to breed.

5. Comfort: Say no to cushions.
When choosing a potty, you want your child to be comfortable while sitting on it. The potty at my mom's house leaves red marks on my boy's bottom. So, when I bought a potty for my house, I went to the other extreme and bought one that had a cushion. Big mistake, that thing absorbed pee, smelled rotten and started disintegrating. If I squeezed it, even after cleaning it, brown would come out. Avoid potties with cushions!

BABYBJORN: With the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, it is all one unit. But the design fits little bodies, even without a cushion. It does not leave red marks on their bottoms after sitting on it. And both my 1 year old and 3 year old can sit on it for whatever length of time and be comfortable. Plus, the BabyBjorn Little potty has a splashguard and is stable on the floor.

5. Colors: Like a rainbow!
BABYBJORN: The BabyBjorn Little Potty we tried out was this GORGEOUS yellow color. Other colors are available, such as red, blue, white, green and pink.

I absolutely love how the Little Potty fits my family's lifestyle. We are going to be busy traveling this summer, and the Little Potty can easily go with us. It is perfect for potty training a little one. And it fits in our small bathroom. Easy to clean, easy to use and completely affordable with no bells and whistles. It retails for just $12.99 at Babies R Us!


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