Win: Adorapet Puppies DVD

Who doesn't love puppies? And what's better than a puppy? Well, a puppy you don't have to clean up after! Puppies on DVD. AdoraPet recently shared with me their AdoraPet Puppies DVD, which featured 5 cute puppies playing with each other, toys, their reflection and more. The DVD is set to music, so you don't even hear any yips. Honestly, it's like watching puppies in a store window.

The five puppies are Watson a Yorkshire Terrier, Raleigh a Mini Dachshund, Oliver an English Bulldog, Dart a Cavamalt and Bela the Puggle. The DVD is 40 minutes long. I let my kids watch it before bedtime to help calm them down. My 1 year old loved it. He kept pointing and saying Woof Woof. I think the relaxing music and puppies playing is good for downtime or background sound/music.

What I am really impressed with is when you go to order, you will see that one DVD is $15. Two DVDs is $30. And you can order 3 DVDs, with one going to children's hospital or charity - also for $30. How sweet is that?

It's neat that you can put the movie on repeat for "ambiance". I also think it would be good for a vet's office. I wonder if the dogs and cats would watch it in a waiting room?

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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.