Soleil Bella Razor

I am having so much trouble choosing a razor lately. I used to buy replacement blades for my Venus, but it's no longer the economical answer. It's more expensive to buy the disposable blades than disposable razors! So I made the move to completely disposable razors, but started out with the cheapies. Ouch. Those things just don't shave. I swear, the blade is pre-dulled. So then I started making my rounds through the premium razors to find one that works for me, giving me the close shave I want for summer.

That's when BzzzAgent introduced me to the BIC Soleil Bella, a premium disposable razor. Features include:
  • Four blades to provide a closer shave with less effort. That's because each blade catches more hair with less passes.
  • Flexible, pivoting head glides over knobby knees and curvy calves.
  • Soothing Strip on top is enriched with coconut mil for superior glide.
  • Comfy grip is easy to hold, even with a special rubber spot for your thumb!
  • E-Z Rinse technology allows water to pass through the blades on either side for easy rinsing and cleaning.
The BIC Soleil Bella arrived as a three pack with cool colors ranging from blue to green. I loved the colors and the grip. It definitely gave a CLOSE and comfortable shave and I will be on the look-out for it at the grocery store. The three pack should sell for just $6.00, which is completely reasonable.

DID YOU KNOW: Soleil is the French Word for Sun and Bella means Beautiful in Italian. So the translation of Soleil Bella is Beautiful Sun!

BUZZWORTHY: You can find coupons for the Bic Soleil Bella at their website!

This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.
Photo image by Satollo.