Review: Trebellina Teaches Music

My sons and I recently received a DVD called Trebellina. It is a cute cartoon that teaches your baby to read music, for ages 1 - 4.

I took music lessons when I was younger and I remember a little from then. The DVD definitely covered the basics. Children are introduced to musical concepts, notes, instrument names and sounds.

It is mostly simple cartoon graphics, but it also brings in children, pictures and video of people. For example, right in the beginning they show the different sounds certain instruments make alone - such as windchimes, a triangle, bongos, timpanis and more. Then they play all of the instruments together and make a foot-tapping beat.

The images and video are simple. But overall it's a great way of introducing musical concepts to little ones. Trebellina has won many awards and accolades from “noteworthy” organizations, including Dr. Toy, iParenting Media, Aegis, Dove and The National Parenting Center. Plus, my 2 year old LOVED it. He asks for the DVD by name! And he follows along with the notes, repeating them.

You can purchase Trebellina at her website for $19.95! There are also posters, connect-the-dot and coloring pages available for download! The video is 32 minutes long.

Thank you Parent Reviewers for allowing the Mom Buzz to review Trebellina!