Review: Hip Hop Baby

Most parents want the shows their children watch to have some value. I love kid's shows that get children moving as they learn. It's Hip Hop Baby!

My sons and I received Hip Hop Baby Video 1: All Your Child's Favorites. The video was perfect! Groups of children in a studio dancing and singing easy songs. The songs get your children moving to a hip hop beat while learning about letters, colors, numbers and animals.

Both my boys, ages 2 & 1, love the video. The DVD is meant for ages 2- 6. But even my little one follows the instructions, like stomping his feet during the Simon Says song. Or doing animal sounds as pictures of cats, cows, dogs and ducks go up during the Animal Song.

Hip Hop Baby keeps your child's interest, not only with songs and dancing, but the little child interviews and photos that they flash between songs. I love when they ask the kids their favorite numbers. Some of the kids say whatever age they are and others come up with random, huge numbers - like 20.

What's also great about the video is that not every child gets the moves right to the songs. Just like your child - they might not get every dance step or body part right when moving - but it's still fun!

If you are looking for a groovy video for little ones, definitely check out it's Hip Hop Baby! We loved it!

Favorite Quote/Interview:
My favorite letter is W because it's shaped like a W.

Favorite Song:
Animal Sounds Song

Length & Price
It's 23 minutes long and available at Amazon for $12.99.

Other videos:
I watched All Your Child's Favorites, but you can also order Get Healthy - Get Fit, Rockin' Dance Party and Things We Do Every Day from Amazon. You can preview all of the videos at It's Hip Hop Baby!

It's Hip Hop Baby was even featured on NBC last year!