Review: Dudley's Solo

I recently received a book called Dudley's Solo to read to my children. It is by Tiffany Alexander and illustrated by Jeremiah Carstarphen.

The story is about children in a church choir, they all get a solo in a performance except Dudley who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. He feels excluded and the other children notice. When he tells them what's wrong, they say that he should have a solo too! So he sign's words to the song.

The illustrations are different than other children's books. More sketchy. But the writing and story is very sweet and touching. My little one loves simply turning the page and letting me read to him. While my three year old questions everything on every page! So they both enjoy the story a lot.

Dudley's Solo encourages kids to
-have self-confidence and to believe in themselves,
-embrace their differences,
-never give up on something you really want and
-find the positive lesson in every challenge they are handed

The book is actually part of the Children's Band series and you can learn more about them and the children in the band/choir online. There is even a Children's Band Blog - but it seems more appropriate to call it a Forum. But you can talk about the books, the characters and other topics - like school!

The story is 28 pages long and sells for $8.00. You can purchase it online at the Children's Band online store.

About the Author:
Tiffany Alexander resides in Atlanta, Ga., and works as an editor for CNN. She is a member of the Independent Books Publishers Association, The National Association of Black Journalists, Hampton University Alumni Association and the African-American Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She is currently working on the next book in the Children's Band series called "Ebenezer Opens a Savings Account." For more information, please visit