Play Doh Spaghetti Factory: WIN

I love Play Doh. My husband has been buying it for my oldest when he was around 2. And so my little one was just initiated sooner into this world of fun, squishy, clay. But, even though we bought Play Doh, we never had a Play Doh toy. You know, a toy that helps them go even further on this Creative Journey. So I was THRILLED (for my son) when he was able to try out the Play Doh Spaghetti Factory. I had him saying "Mama Mia" the first time we played with it.

It's this super cool contraption, where you stick Play Doh into this upright tube. Then you place a sieve over it. You have two sieves to choose from, because it varies the pasta shape - flat or round. You push down on the handles on either side and VOILA, out comes the spaghetti noodles!

Here is my kiddo with the Play Doh Spaghetti Factory:

Here is a commercial I found!

Now, if you turn this sieve upside down, when not in use, there are 25 little molds around it so you can make veggies, meats and other cool food items to go with your pasta. You can also use these spaghetti shapers as BOWLS. You will also receive a playmat with pasta shapes, a spoon and a fork. And of course you get PLAY DOH - 4 three-ounce containers.

I only wish you could make longer noodles. The commercial and my own video are accurate on how log the noodles are. But I want it to really fill the bowl. My son could care less, he just had fun making noodles of any length.

Both boys, their father and I all had a blast making the spaghetti and shaping other clay foods. This is a nightly toy to play with, after bath and before bed. And I am so sold on the Play Doh Spaghetti Factory that I am already making my Christmas List out to see who else I can buy these for! It's amazing hw affordable the sets are! You can get a Go Diego Go set for just $12.99. But honestly, I have my eye on both the Play Doh Octopus and Coco Nutty Monkey.

The Play Doh Spaghetti Factory is $9.99 and recommended for ages 3+.
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This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.This product was given to the Mom Buzz to test with her 3 year old son.