Munchkin Wet Wheels

A few weeks ago I buzzed some Munchkin brand toddler plates that I bought and adore. Colorful, bright, durable - you can read the complete review here: Munchkin Toddler Plates. And on that review you will find links to other Munchkin products I have reviewed in the past on The one thing they all have in common is that Munchkin makes awesome products for kids, toddlers and babies!

Recently Munchkin introduced me to Wet Wheels. Now, living on the coast there is a lot of playing in the water (pools, bathtub, beach) and land (sandbox, beach, house). So the idea behind Wet Wheels rocks. You can choose between a turtle or a dolphin character. They have wheels so they can roll on land. Yet, they also float in water!

I have the turtle, whose green body is a soft plastic. It has some "give" to it, but it isn't hard nor squishy. It's shell is a translucent yellow plastic with a mirrored bottom so my son can see his reflection. And there are little sea creatures that shake and roll in there. The wheels are a translucent blue with tiny little balls in there. Overall, it makes a gentle rattling sound as the turtle moves around.

Wet Wheels is meant for ages 12 months and older. It helps promote motor development and hand-eye coordination. My 16 month old got a kick out of it and loves showing it off to his daddy. He rolls it around the house, brings it to the bath, lugs it to the playground and it still looks great.

There is no room for improvement for this toy. It is simple and fun. I think it would make a great gift at a baby shower or first birthday. I will say my 3 year old has no interest in it, so it has about a 2 year play-span.

For more information on this and other Munchkin products visit or call 800-344-2229.

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Remember those plates I was buzzing about? Well, Munchkin was so thrilled I loved them that they are allowing me to give a set to one lucky reader! Trust me - you will love these toddler-friendly plates! To enter this contest, visit Munchkin's Web Site and tell me what other product you love, other than the plates and Wet Wheels.

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