Monster Fluff Studio: WIN

Before I cloth diapered, I knew about Monster Fluff Studio. This is one store where a picture is honestly worth 1,000 words.

Whether you cloth diaper or not, I am positive you want one for a little child you know. And, if you are like me and primarily use Pockets (or maybe you use AIOs), you will contemplate using fitteds and prefolds just to buy from Monster Fluff Studio.

Now, these are fleece soakers, which are essentially diaper covers. They go over fitted or prefold diapers. Monster Fluff Studio's fleece diaper covers are made with high quality anti-pill fleece and embroidered with fun designs that your little monster will love. The fleece will keep moisture contained from the cloth diaper and is a great option for a cloth diaper cover. It's breathable and easy to care for. I love my fleece soaker, especially now that it's getting warmer, since it acts as a cover and "shorts".

How did I come to purchase this cute diaper cover? Well, a few weeks ago I was on Hyena Cart looking for more pocket diapers, when I saw the link for Monster Fluff Studio. It brought back all of those memories of me wanting them, but having no reason to buy them since my oldest was in disposable. But now my little one IS in cloth - albeit pockets. But I realized that if I added some fitted cloth diapers to my collection, this purchase would make sense. So I did. I bought 2 Dream-Eze diapers and then I made my way over to Monster Fluff Studio to order a custom soaker. I e-mailed the owner and asked some questions about how to proceed and she was very helpful! I decided on a tye-dyed blue body with kelly green trim. Archie the Monster would be embroidered on the bottom in complementing colors. She had it done in about a week. Shipping was very reasonable, under $2.00. And my new Monster Soaker arrived within days of me paying.

It was phenomenal. The Large cover fit my 25 hulk of a baby perfectly. I can slip it over fitted's - and even tried it on over a bulky AIO! It provides enough stretch to cover the fluffiest of butts. And no wetness or leaks! Perfect!

Plus, when I took him out in public he got so many comments! Interested moms inquired about cloth diapering, Cloth Diapering Moms wanted to know more about Monster Fluff Studio and the fitted's underneath, and everyone thought he was oh-so cute! I am starting to think I should have gotten a matching shirt for him! But, I will DEFINITELY order another Monster Fleece Soaker from Monster Fluff Studio soon!

Plus, there is a whole array of non-monster embroidery you can choose for your soakers. And Monster Fluff Studio also sells tees, longies, skirt-longies, fluffie blankets and shorties.

Monster Fluff Studio is giving one buzz reader a chance to win a free custom soaker. To enter, visit and check out the links for embroidery, fleece and product galleries. What do you want your custom soaker to look like if you win?

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry. But for extra entries, you can:
Contest Ends June 13th. Please refer to complete contest rules.


This review is based on a purchase the Mom Buzz made from Monster Fluff Studio. I loved it so much, I requested permission to buzz the product.