HandySitt High Chair: Love the Ergonomic Design

It's actually not easy finding a perfect booster seat that will allow your child to reach the table and eat like a "big kid". One big flaw is the amount of crevices they have, so food gets lodged and trapped. I often take my kiddo's cumbersome chair into the shower to give it a good rinse. If I could stick the whole thing in the dishwasher, I would.

That's why the sleek, simplistic design of the Minui HandySitt drew me in. It's a high chair for children who can sit unassisted to eat - ages 6 months +. It can be used up to the age of 5, and by then your child probably does not need a booster anymore.

Since the design is so simple and anti-cumbersome, it makes portability super easy. You can fold it FLAT and take it out and about, whether eating at a restaurant or visiting a friend's house.

When you purchase a HandySitt, you get a solid Birch seat with metal arms that are adjustable. It also has an accompanying safety guard and back support that should be used for children between 6 months and 3 years.

The only downside for me was that the HandySitt can only be used with chair backs between 12"and 17 ¾" high. The HandySitt will not work with stylish high-back chairs, like at my own home. But HandySitt works perfectly at my mom's house. And since it is so compact, it easily folds to a compact 21" x 3" x 12" size that can be tucked away when not at use at grandma's!

My favorite feature is the clean design. Of all the boosters/high chairs I've tried, the HandySitt is the easiest to clean! I love it! Just watch this video to see how HandySitt can fit in your lifestyle.

You can purchase the HandySitt at minuiHandySitt.com.

This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to HandySitt for providing a product to test.