For Your Super Hero: Imaginext DC Super Friends

Super Heroes are BIG right now - for adults and for children of all ages. That's why I am not too surprised that my almost 3 year old (his birthday is this month) is OBSESSED with them. Do you know he can name around 40 of them? And, oh yes, Batman is one of his favorites. I think we can partially thank great-grandma for that!

You see, when my son was 2.5 years he had two real loves. One was the Hulk. The second was little people that he can maneuver. Like the little people that come with the GeoTrax sets, he would have so many adventures with them that I ordered another 3-pack of the people from GeoTrax. So when my great-grandma asked if the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave was a good idea - I said yes. I had no idea what it would lead to!

He has played with that thing EVERY DAY for the past 4 months. It holds his attention and he has little scenarios that he makes up, which include the other super heroes we have bought him. From the DC Super Friends set we have bought the Batmobile and Penguin. His aunt has bought the Joker for him for his birthday and BOY will he be excited! He asks for it everyday. And the other super heroes that join in the fun are actually from some other set that I will have to buzz about later.

Now, the Batcave comes with some DC Super Friends and gear. The friends that are included are Batman and Robin, of course. There is also a Batcycle. And the Batcave has all sorts of cool features that move and open with help from the Super Friends. They put their feet in certain spots, you turn them around and the front dor will open, a hook will be lowered or maybe the elevator will be activated. There is even a prison to hold villains! And you can close the whole Batcave and take it with you using a built-in handle. Holy Portability, Batman!

But, like I said, we wanted more for the set. So soon after Christmas my son learned there was a Joker and he started asking for it. So I went to Toys R Us to get it, but alas - it wasn't there. So I picked up the Batmobile instead. It has a claw on the front that can be used to nab Villains! And it comes with another Batman - it's always good to have a spare! And now both Batmans and Robin patrol Tales City to protect against evil.

Then, we returned to Toys R Us later hoping to find Joker. After all, a hero needs a nemesis. But he was still missing. But we saw The Penguin. He comes with two black and white penguins and an Umbrella contraption that moves, spins and helps him escape Batman!

Now, it turns out that the Joker can be a little difficult to come by. My sister says it has to do with Heath Ledger. So she ended up ordering him for my son for his birthday this month. The Joker comes with a cool ride that has a giant hammer attached to it. I am not sure why my son wants this on so bad - but he has just a few more weeks til he gets his hands on it! (Thanks, Titi!)

But there are plenty of other cool toys that you can equip Batman with - and most come with an additional Batman. There is the Batwing, Batcopter, Black Batcycle and a Glider/Grappling Hook Set. You can also pick up a friend for Batman, just in case the Boy Wonder isn't enough. So you can pick up Superman, who comes with Superdog. And villain-wise, you can also find Mr. Freeze.

See how much potential there is with this Batcave? It is suggested for ages 3 - 8. I definitely can see how the Batcave has appeal that will last a looong time. Completely worth the suggested retail of $44.

Any questions about the set? Just ask the Mom Buzz!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz, based on a product her grandma bought. Other people may have different experiences with the product.