For a Rainy Day: Bendaroos

Admit it, you're curious about Bendaroos. You've seen the commercials and wonder how easy it is and how it works.

Well, I had the opportunity to try some Bendaroos - and I think they are fun! I played with my son, who is 3 this month. Bendaroos are for ages 3 and up.

Now, since he's 3 he was more into directing me with what colors to use and what to make. Thankfully there was an instruction booklet in our box with certain critters you can create. He was adamant that he needed a gorilla.

One thing that is good to know is you might need scissors and other "extras" to make some of the designs. For the gorilla you need aluminum paper which you shape like a pear. Then you cover it in the colored string wax - that's what Bendaroos are - and add some legs, arms, chest, eyes, mouth, nose, etc - and here is my gorilla. Not bad, right?

Then I tried my hand making a goose. This one I only needed scissors to cut the feet into the correct length. But the directions were real easy to follow.

Finally, I made a dragonfly, which my oldest was THRILLED with. This one also only required scissors to cut the legs into the right length.

There are more design ideas at

I think the best thing you can compare Bendaroos to is Play-Doh. If your child loves Play-Doh, they will love Bendaroos. I think moms might love Bendaroos more because there is LESS CLEAN-UP! Honestly, when we were done I just packed the wax strips back up in their plastic bags, put those in the box and we were done.

But, the creatures don't hold up to rough play. The poor gorilla has lost his arms repeatedly and the dragonfly is squished. But my kid was rough with them and my 1 year old got his hands on them too! But I think older kids can keep their creations going longer.

Overall, Bendaroos are a lot of fun and I think they make a great gift for Birthdays, Easter, Christmas or just a rainy day!

You can order Bendaroos from their website for $19.99.