Eebee's Adventures: Exploring Real Stuff

So far I have watched and reviewed two DVDs featuring Eebee. I call these DVDs my "Better than Baby Einstein DVDs". That's because Baby Einstein DVDs are intended for little ones to sit, stare and watch. Do you know what happens when you watch TV? Your body actually goes into a semi hypnotic state that is just one step above sleeping! The only time your body burns less calories is when you are sleeping! Even when you are on the computer, you are burning more calories. So, why would we really want to do that to our children at 6 months?

Now I admit, my kids watch television. I just don't want television to be a crutch or babysitter. And that's why I like Eebee's Adventures videos, like Exploring Real Stuff. Because when you do sit and watch you will gain all sorts of fun ideas where you and your child can learn through play, imitate what you saw and explore stuff around the house.

One of my favorite activities they did was have Eebee and kids sit in large containers and fill it with Cheerios! The children felt the texture and manipulated it. The same with rice.

Another great example was with a box. They had a big box on its side, using the opening as a door and there were shapes cut out on it to peek through. And the kids just sat and played going in and out of the box. Now, this is a game we often do in the Mom Buzz house. Big boxes are a magnet for them and I try to keep it around for a day to entertain the kids and play with them.

Paper is another fun idea. Tissue paper to tear, twist and see the bright colors. Definitely a learning opportunity to teach colors, too!

They also had a ball with ... BALLS! All types of balls, different sizes and different shapes. Rolling them down ramps, rolling from one another, rolling up ramps and trying to catch them. Balls are another BIG toy in our house. My littlest one loves playing with them, so it definitely helped inspire me to try new things with the ball then just bouncing or rolling it back and forth!

Eebee's Adventures: Exploring Real Stuff is for ages 6 months and up. The running time is 75 minutes. Throughout the DVD you will discover how to teach the following concepts to your child through everyday play:

Cause and Effect
Adding, Removing
Scooping, Filling, Spreading
Feeling, Touching
Stretching, Tearing, Crumpling
Finding, Hiding
Pulling, Pushing,
Smooth, Bumpy
Light, Heavy
Up, Down
Over, Through

So, if you are stuck and need inspiration on how to help your baby learn and grow, check out the DVD selection from Eebee's Adventures. You can also read my review on All in a Day's Play and Figuring Things Out.

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