Do not vote for Jim Lewis

Recently Edward Howard was acquitted in the murder of 18 year old Christine Myers. I knew Christine and cannot believe the tactic that the Defense Attorney (Jim Lewis) used for Howard. He misled the jury about Christine's reputation. Never mind that the jury never knew that Howard was a convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet. In fact, even though he was cleared of these charges, he is still on probation for other charges that he isn't cleared of. You can read the complete story here: Man Found Not Guilty.

Why is it that the Defense Attorney can defame the reputation of a girl who was murdered, but the jury cannot know the past crimes of the accused?

The attorney who defended Edward Howard was Jim Lewis. And now he is planning to run for Florida state attorney general with a not-so wonderful platform of locking up fewer criminals.

I know I will not feel safer with this man as attorney general. He defends the guilty. He will not make the state a safer place.

Lewis says he thinks the way the criminal justice system works doesn't make sense. Obviously, if his conscious is clear after defending the guilty. I wonder if he has daughters and how he would feel if the situation was reversed?

Mind you, he is going to seek to raise money for his campaign. If I can convince one person not to give him a penny, then I know this post is worthwhile.

Please spread the word not to vote for or give money to his campaign!


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz.