Book Buzz: Along Came You

Moms know that there are a lot of changes that occur after having kids. Your house might be a little messier. You get a little dirty. You always have a ton of things to carry. But, we welcome those changes because they are all part of the package of being a mom.

That's why I love Along Came You by Karona Drummond and illustrated by Estelle Corke. The story is beautifully written and the illustrations are bright, cheery and eye-catching. Each declaration from the mom's point of view is illustrated on a two page spread.

The story follows a brunette mom and her sandy-haired daughter. It is repetitive writing, as she says what life was like "before" and what it was like "after". For example,my favorite:
Before you, my home was decorated in style. After you, my home is decorated in love.
Drummond draws on her own life experiences for inspiration.

"There are many moments I have cherished with my children," Drummond says. "For example, the look on your child's face when she's finally big enough to ride the roller coaster is priceless. I love huge, 100-mile-per-hour loop-de-loop coasters, but it was an even bigger thrill to sit next to my daughter as she rode the little 10 mile-per-hour, one teeny-hill coaster in kiddie land for the very first time."

I can definitely relate, as now when I see my children experience anything for the first time, I just watch with a smile! Whether it is taking them on a special trip or something as simple as hearing a story for the first time.

This picture book is just a wonderful story for little boys and girls. I think it would make a special gift for a birthday - or everyday. Definitely check it out!

Along Came You is published by Zonderkidz and was released April 2009. The hardcover book sells for $15.99.


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