Zooniwear Mop Hats

The other day I was at the dentist office leafing through Parents Magazine ... in Spanish. Very cool that they they publish in Spanish! If only I found it easier to read in my second language. But even with my slow reading, one thing I could truly enjoy was the pictures. And a picture of an adorable boy in a lion mop hat was hard to miss. I said the name of the company over and over in my head, hoping I would be able to look them up when I came home. And I did! And I can tell you from experience that the mop hats are even cute and softer in person! And they come from Zooniwear!

Zooniwear currently has 12 mop hats to choose from:
  • Chunkee Monkey
  • Leo the Lion
  • Puppy Love
  • Panda Monium
  • Pretty 'n Pink
  • Purple Reign
  • Flower Power
  • Under the Sea
  • Hipster
  • Kate's Moss
  • Blue Grass
  • Firecracker
Choosing just one is HARD. The ones that have faces are just adorable. And Under the Sea is just GORGEOUS. It was Chunkee Monkey and its complementing M'uppet Mittens that came to stay with us, though.

Even though the size 1 -2 hat was intended for my youngest, it fit my 2 year old perfectly, as well. They both have heads within the 50th percentile. That's important to know when choosing a mop hat! From talking with other moms, I dare say if your child's head is in the 90th or higher, you might want to get the next size up. These hats are available from 0 months to 5+ years. Heck, Chunkee Monkey almost fits me! But, definitely my kids are comfortable in it. And my 2 year old continuously steals it from his brother. That is good to know, since you know what a struggle it can be to keep your kids' hats on!

The mittens were also popular in the Tales' household. I mean, they do look like monkey faces that can open and close their mouths. Each boy wears one. Once again, anything that keeps them warmer is a plus! And they were happy to share them. Monkey Mittens come in sizes 18 months to 5+ years. The M'uppet Mittens are also available in Puppy Love, Leo the Lion and Flower Power.

It was hard to get a good picture of either of my boys in the Mop Hats and M'uppet Mittens, though. They loved them so much that they just kept moving with them on! They were honestly so smitten with the mittens and mop hats that they LOVED wearing them. That honestly has to be the best part of Zooniwear. The fact that the hats are UBER-SOFT and BEYOND ADORABLE is just an awesome perk.

So, if it's still chilly where you live - check out the products that Zooniewear has to offer! Which style is your favorite?