You're Invited to a (VIRTUAL) Summer Block Party

You're Invited to a Virtual Summer Block Party!

Your hosts will be doing what they do best, bringing you must-have items - but this time for a sizzling SUMMER! We have around 30 sponsors lined up and almost 40 ITEMS TO GIVE-AWAY! And we're not just giving away item-after-item. We have three HUGE PRIZE PACKS that will go to THREE LUCKY WINNERS. Plus, we have plenty of single items to go around as well. The amount of winners will be incredible. And those three readers who win the prize packs will be set for summer. Because our prizes and prize packs will include Vado Pocket Cameras, Peeks, Shapewear,UV Skinz, Glasses, Shoes and more. We're still gathering and sorting the information. But I can tell you the Uber-Cool-Mega-Pack will have at least a Peek, Vado Pocket Camera, UV Skinz Shirt, Shapewear and a Blurb book to hold all your memories. And the other two prize packs will also have Vado Pocket Cameras. And... there will still be PLENTY more to give-away outside the prize packs.

There will be plenty of opportunities to become a winner. Visit the sponsors, blog, tweet and help spread the word. Every day visit the hosts and we will introduce you to the new products and give you new ways to earn entries.

Excited? I know we are! We've been planning this for months now, putting it together for all of you! So grab our button, post it on your blog and visit your hosts with the most summer fun starting on May 4th!

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