WIN: TutuLegz for your Little Girls

In my opinion, two years ago tutus hit the girl's apparel market hard. You saw them on magazine covers, online boutiques, Etsy - even FAO Shwarz got in on the tutu action. I bought two tutus for my goddaughters and thought they were awesome and precious. But, I don't think they got a lot of wear - because where could they really go wearing them.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's adorable when you see a little girl running around the store with them on or at the supermarket. But those times are far and few in between when you know how many other girls have those same tutus in their closet, unworn.

But two sisters completely solved that problem. They designed TutuLegz, "the everyday tutu". TutuLegz are stylish, comfortable and practical. The tutu is not overly poufy and it comes attached to comfortable "legz". So no more searching for tights to put under that tutu! Your little girl can wear her TutuLegz everywhere - school, daycare, playdates and grandmas. It's always appropriate and always cute.

Currently there are 10 TutuLegz styles, including Christmas, Thanksgiving and Pink Ribbon inspired designs. My niece is CRAZY about horses, so she received Penelope the Pony in brown, tan and hot pink. The white tutu is triple layered with 6 applique horses on the middle layer. That middle layer also has the hot pink trim. The attached legz are brown with white dots. It is silky smooth and soft, made of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. The tutu is 100 percent nylon tulle. The TutuLegz are available in varying lengths - shorts, pants and capris.

Each TutuLegz also has complementing tutu tees that can be purchased separatly. The Penelope the Pony Tee is white with the same Pony on the front. It's 100 percent cotton. But you can choose between long and short sleeves when purchasing.

My niece was THRILLED with her set that she got to try out, thanks to TutuLegz. Honestly, this would make such a sweet birthday or Christmas gift! Here she is modeling it.

I think if I had a girl, I would end up buying 3 ... or 6 of these. Because I would need one in the shorts, capris and pants length. And I would also need a few short sleeve and long sleeve tees. Honestly, these are just too cute and perfect...for everyday.

Win your choice of TutuLegz. To win, visit TutuLegz and tell me which is your favorite, other than Penelope the Pony.

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