SoftBums Cloth Diapers with PerfectFit Sizing Technology

To me, the perfect cloth diaper has the simplicity and convenience of a disposable diaper, without the environmental/money-wasting impact. I think I just found a cloth diaper that took the simplicity and money-saving capability one step farther - SoftBums with their PerfectFit Sizing Technology.

There are a few diapers that offer one-size cloth diapers. And I will admit, I have not tried them yet. My collection is made of up "large" diapers that would fit a 25 pound baby. From my research, most one-size dipes use snaps that allow the diaper to grow as needed. SoftBums is different, though. They use Toggle Adjustments inside the diaper to tighten the elastic. Then you readjust the toggles as the baby grows. My thought is that this will allow for a better fit, since you can adjust to perfection, rather than to set snaps. After all, that is one reason people prefer Velcro to Snaps on their diapers - for a more exact fit.

SoftBums allowed me to review their Perfect Fit - All in 2 diaper in a vibrant Lime Green. Whoa! It was bright and absolutely cute on my little Irish man! And it was amazingly trim. I think it gives him the smallest "fluffy butt", compared to other cloth diapers.

Here are the Pros of Soft Bums:
  • Price: a Cover is around $19.50 and the inserts range from $5 - $9.
  • Trim Fit: Easy to pull shorts and pants over them!
  • Outer Cover is Re-Usable: You can simply change the snap-in when the diaper is wet. You can't do that with an AIO or Pocket Diaper.
  • Dries Quick: The unique two-part design allows it to dry quickly!
Okay, I loved the selection of colors that SoftBums had. For my boy, Nuclear Pumpkin, Ocean Blue and Lime Green are my favorite. They also have BlueBerry, Periwinkle, Bubblegum, Buttercup, BumbleBee and Light Pink.

Let's Do Some Math:

Okay, my brain can't handle math right now. Every time I try to figure out the cost of going with certain styles and brands and what I need - my mind goes blank. But it's definitely cheaper to cloth diaper, compared to disposables. Thankfully, SoftBums did the math for me. They figure that you will save between $1,400 - $3,600 by cloth diapering 1 child. And of course, the savings double when you use them on a second child. Going with SoftBums one-size diapers might save you even more - approximately $1,000 less than other pocket diaper systems.

When choosing a cloth diaper, I do suggest you try one before buying a stash. But, if you were going to go with the super-easy, super colorful SoftBums you would need:
0 - 12 months: 6 - 12 covers and 36 inserts
6 - 24 months: 4 - 8 covers and 18- 24 inserts

If you are just starting out, you may also want a wetbag to store dirty diapers, doublers for adding absorbency and some cloth wipes.

Overall, I love it. It is so comfy and is perfect around his legs. Easy to clean and dry, thanks to the 2-part system. I definitely see how you can save money using these straight from the beginning. It's a super diaper!

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