WIN: KINeSYS Sunscreen

One thing there is no shortage of around here is sunshine. So I try my best to keep the kids protected from UV Rays. I look for certain things in my sunscreen. One, protection. The higher the number, the happier I am. Two, non sticky or slick. I don't want to feel greased up after putting on lotion. It has to be soft and dry. Third, I don't want my kids to have a reaction to it. I don't want rashes or skin sensitivities. So I was really pleased when I had an opportunity to try KINeSYS Kids and KINeSYS Girl.

KINeSYS Kids has to be my favorite sun lotion, although I wouldn't mind if the protection was higher. This one is SPF 30. It's alcohol, oil, preservative, PABA and fragrance free. It is also colorant, nut, egg, paraben, gluten, nanoparticle, soya, sulphite and dairy-free. Once I put it on myself and the kids and rubbed it in, I didn't even know I had anything on - other than not getting burned. It protects against UVA and UVB. Plus, it is water and sweat resistant.

KINeSYS Girl has the BEST SCENT EVER. It smells like Vanilla-Green Tea. So if you teenage, tween or little girl is hesitant to wear sun lotion, even she is sure to love wearing this every day! And it will keep her skin safe and gorgeous for years to come! Honestly, I would probably buy a larger bottle of this and put it on my boys too! I enjoyed the smell that much.

Both KINeSYS Kids and Girl come in a Spray Bottle. You push the nozzle to spritz it out. You want to spray 30 minutes before going out in the sun. My husband is great at remembering to apply before we leave the house.

KINeSYS suggests sunscreen for everyday use. That's because most UV damage comes from early childhood sunburns. It can take 15 to 30 years for the damage to show up, so if your kids get sunburned at age 6, the damage won't be visible until they are 21 - 36 years of age as wrinkles, age spots or even cancer. Even a 10 year old was diagnosed with a Melanoma, which was believed to be sun related.

Order KINeSYS now and get s a 10% discount on your order. Code BRC10 (free shipping on orders over $45 AFTER the discount).

KINeSYS is giving one Buzz reader a chance to protect their kid's skin - everyday! (Not just for summer). The prize is a 4oz Kids Sunscreen & 4oz Kids Moisturizer.

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