Hana Professional Flat Iron from Misikko

Years ago, when I was single ... I bought myself an awesome Flat Iron referred to me by my sister. I can't remember the brand, but it took a lot of convincing that I needed it. My hair was thick and untame. Often my mom asked if I brushed my hair and I would say exasperately, "I JUST DID!"

The Flat Iron saved my hair. Once it came in, since I ordered the professional flat iron online, it left my hair glossy, smooth and straight. I was addicted. And so were my coworkers during trips! The women would ask to borrow my Flat Iron, since it was the only one that did an awesome job. I personally did not know better. Until my flat iron died.

How sad. I needed a new one. Now married, my awesome husband went out and bought me one from Target. It was not the same quality I expected. My hair never looked glossy and never perfectly straight. I tried different shine enhancers to see if that would help. But... it just was not the same. So eventually I stopped straightening my hair. It was wasted effort.

So, I started reading online and knew there was a buzz about the Flat Irons from Misikko. So, I was thrilled that the Mom Buzz had the opportunity to one for myself - the Hana Elite 1" Flat Iron.

Now, let's start at the very beginning. When it arrived, it came in a travel pouch with a heat proof silicone mat INSIDE a tin case. I loved the travel pouch, since there will be less of a chance of it getting damaged as I take it on trips. Once I had it in hand, I eyed the 1" plates wondering if they were up to the job. My last two Flat Irons had wider plates. I was thinking this might take a while - I was SO WRONG. The Hana Elite was ready in a flash and straightened my hair just as quick. Honestly, I plugged it in, set the temperature to 450 degrees (it can be set from 140 to 450), grabbed my brush and we were ready to go.

The 1 inch plates zoomed through my hair easily. Probably because it has floating plates that self-adjust to different textures. The Hana Elite is also one of the few Flat Irons that uses 100% solid ceramic plates - not coated aluminum. That means it is better suited for retaining and distributing heat, it's naturally hygienic and ultra smooth.

My husband still remembers that when he went to Target to find me a new Flat Iron, that I asked for ceramic. But it was only ceramic coating. It works so differently. It takes longer to heat up and longer to (kind of) straighten my hair.

The Hana Elite is no joke, though. Without any enhancers, it made my hair straight, glossy and healthy looking. LOVE IT! Plus, it's a perfect time saver for mom! You do have time to flat iron your hair before work, dates, playdates, visiting family and more. Plus, it comes with an instruction manual with a few tips on styling - like getting your hair flat, curls, flip out and flip in. Personally, to give my hair some life, I actually straighten it upside down first.

Now - you want to see how well it worked? Just check out this slideshow. It shows me pre-Hana. My hair was more limp than frizzy, thanks to the lack of humidity. Then there is me after using the Hana Elite. Then the third one is me after I put some hair gloss in my hair.

You can also find styling tips and tricks using a Flat Iron at the Misikko web site.

How to Use a Flat Iron

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