Germy Wormy Disposable Sleeves

With the Swine Flu epidemic, I am sure we are all doing our best to keep our kids as germ-free as possible. Washing hands, wiping surfaces, etc. One person whose mission is to help reduce exposure to all sorts of contagious illnesses is Margaret from

Germy Wormy is a fun way of teaching a little-known method of reducing the spread of germs - cough and sneeze into your elbow. That's because when you cover a cough with your hand or sneeze in a tissue, your hand is now contaminated with all of the germs. So everything you touch now will transfer your germs to the next person.

Now, coughing and sneezing into a sleeve can be a little - mucousy. So Germy Wormy provides a "disposable sleeve" that children can cough/sneeze on. Then it can be removed, thrown away and replaced. The idea is that a little worm on the sleeve will eat up their germs! It gives them a reason to put their germs there!

Germy Wormy also has a DVD. The DVD emphasizes the importance of washing hands and explains how germs are spread using puppets. It's pretty cute and my kids enjoyed it. I can easily see it being played at school or a pediatrician's office.

Germy Wormy is completely affordable. A 25 pack of sleeves is $9.99 and the CD is $10. I hope it soon becomes available in larger packs so schools can buy in bulk!

Win the Germy Wormy DVD and a 10-pack of sleeves! To enter, visit GermyWormy and tell me one thing you learned from the site not mentioned in the review.

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