WIN: Complete Laundry System - 13 Winners

Have you heard the buzz about the Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System yet? It's 2 Dryer Balls and 1 Washer Wonder Ball that help you save energy and eliminate the need for costly detergent.

When I first told my husband, he told me not to test out the Washer Wonder Ball on his work clothes. No problem, I had a better test! The boys play clothes. I put it in the washer, loaded in the clothes and washed on cool. When the washer was done, I pulled them out and sniffed them. Smelled good!

So next I dumped the wet clothes into the dryer. I put in the two nubby dryer balls and set the dryer on the Energy Saving Setting. That setting always leaves my clothes still damp, so it requires me to remember to take them out ASAP so they don't smell musty. But the dryer balls did their job! They must have really bounced between the clothes allowing more warm air to circulate. And as a bonus, the clothes came out nice and soft without fabric softeners.

The Wonder Ball that comes in the Complete Laundry System is good for THREE YEARS. Imagine not buying detergent for three years. If you have a stain you need to spot treat, go ahead. But detergent is not needed. Here's why:

The Wonder Ball works through physics. The frequency enhanced mineral blend within the ball creates an energy field when agitated in the machine. When this energy meets with the water, the water is in its best cleaning state. It is the water that does the cleaning. No detergent needed.

And here's how the Wonder Dryer Balls with all the nubs work:

Working together in balance, the balls keep your clothes separated. The nubs keep redistributing the heat; cutting drying time.
Just imagine how much you can save, both your money and the environment, by using the Wonderball system. You will be dumping less polluted water, you will be using less energy in the dryer and you will not be paying too-much money on detergent. The Complete Laundry System costs $49.95 for all 3 balls.

If you aren't ready to make the commitment, you can buy the Dryer Balls on their own for $19.95. And you can also try a 1 Year Washer Wonder Ball for $19.95.

Plus, there are plenty of other uses with the Wonder Ball to really make it worth it!

Hand car washing with ball in bucket

Ball in bucket to water plants

Ball in bucket to wash floors

Ball in sink to wash hand washables

Ball in steam cleaner to clean carpets

Ball in bucket to wash windows

Ball in bucket for cleaning patio furniture

To clean jewelry

Fern also says it's a must-have for college students - and I believe her! They already have so many expenses, let them save on laundry!

Let's Talk:
Okay, without a doubt no one can question me on the dryer balls. My mom said it made complete sense when I explained how they work to her. And my husband was cool with anything that helped keep his clothes smelling fresh, thanks to drying completely in less time.

Even after I told them about the success of the Wonder Ball in the wash, they were still resistant. We have gotten so used to detergents, but Fern explains that layers of detergent on clothes can actually trap stains. And by using the Wonder Ball on those clothes a few times, the stains have an opportunity to become untrapped. If you could only smell how CLEAN my laundry was after using these balls. Truly amazing!

Now, I had the opportunity to talk to Fern, the owner of Mystic Wonders, Inc. And she is so sweet! Then I read the testimonials on her site, and found out that she has so many happy customers. Because she takes the time to solve your current need (in this case laundry) and then she introduces you to new products that you are bound to fall in love with. So, that's what I want you to do if you would like to win the Complete Laundry System to try at home or the 1 Year Laundry Ball.

Visit Mystic Wonders, Inc and tell me one other product you would like to try.

We will have THREE winners for the Complete Laundry System and TEN winners for the 1-Year Wonder Ball. That's 13 winners! Just complete the form!

Emily, Tawnda, Marianna (misusedinnocence,, mannasweeps) - I am e-mailing you three to get your addresses. You have 72 hours to claim.

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Contest ended May 6th.

washing machine photo credit: Megan Brock
Thank you Fern for allowing me to review the Complete Laundry System.