WIN: Bumkins Stylish All-in-One Diaper

There are a few things I look for in a cloth diaper. First, ease-of-use. Second, style! And Bumkins All-in-One Cloth Diapers offers both of those mom must-haves.

First, if you are tip-toeing into cloth diapers, you will want something that's as easy to use as disposables. Many people are insecure about using cloth, because they are imagining "cloth rectangles" that they have to fold and pin on. Second, you hear about stuffing and inserts and folding and snappis and... there is just a lot of intimidating terminology. Step back, breathe and grab an AIO (All-in-One) cloth diaper. Bumkins AIOs are as simple as disposable diapers, with all the benefits of cloth.

What You Want in a Diaper
The generous Velcro tabs help provide a secure, adjustable fit - just like disposables! Plus, there are six layers of thick 100% cotton flannel for maximum absorbency. There is also a gentle elastic sewn internally around the legs and waist for superior leak protection.

Better for your Baby
Bumkins are silky soft, not rough like a disposable. They are better for your baby's skin, since it is free of PVC, Phthalates, Vinyl and other irritating chemicals.

Better for the Environment
Any cloth diapering will use less resources and creates less waste.

Better for your PocketBook
It's more economical to cloth diaper. You're literally not throwing your money away. And if you start with your first, you can use the same diapers with your second and save even more!

How to Get Started.
Visit Buy one all-in-one diaper in the size you think you need. Small is for 6 - 12 pounds. Medium is for 12 - 22 pounds. Large, the size I choose for my son, is 22 - 32 pounds. And X-Large is 32 - 42 pounds. There is also a youth size for over 42 pounds. Once you choose your size and style, place your order. When it comes in, wash it. Bumkins diapers are made to fit after shrinkage and maximum shrinkage occurs after three launderings. I've definitely washed my kid's Bumkins AIO numerous times now and I have noticed that the fit has improved after washing! So once you've washed it three times, you will know if the size and style is a good fit! Now that you know it is a good fit, order the rest of your cloth diaper stash!

Okay, Ready to Order Your Stash... What's a Good Amount?
Bumkins has great guidelines in place regarding how many diapers you need a day. Before three months, you will need more than 12 a day. By 18 months, you will be using 6 - 8 cloth diapers a day.

Now, Let's Talk Style...
Choosing the first Bumkins diaper is HARD. First, there are 24 patterns to choose from. I was looking for a boy - so I just looked beyond the pink options - which there are plenty for your girls! But, I kept going between something chic, like the Blue Fizz. Or maybe somthing more playful, like one of their Dr. Seuss inspired diapers. I finally settled on an orange Green Eggs & Ham AIO. (See Image at Top) When it came in, it was different than the snaps I am used to for cloth. But I loved the snug fit I was able to get with the Velcro. And he was just as happy as a clam in it.

This is the only AIO diaper I have tried. I usually stick with pocket diapers. But who can resist the cute colorful patterns at Bumkins? Once you wash them, the fit is great. Every time I pull the Bumkins AIO out of the dryer it looks GREAT. It does take longer than my other diapers to dry, but I've heard that if you put a dry towel in the dryer when drying your diapers it helps them dry faster. I haven't tried that tip yet ... but I probably will soon! Overall, it's a great addition to my little stash.

But There's More:
When you purchase from Bumkins, you can depend on the Bumkins Brand Promise. Bumkins Finer Baby Products is dedicated to providing distinctively designed, quality, family-oriented merchandise. Bumkins believes that products can be both practical and attractive, and strives to provide visually appealing, value-driven merchandise to their customers. Adhering to the strictest safety standards of the juvenile products industry, Bumkins merchandise is only made from natural or non-toxic fabrics, such as organic cotton and our signature PVC, phthalate and BPA free waterproof material. Plus, the majority of Bumkins product offerings are manufactured in the United States, supporting the local economy.

Other Products
Bumkins is not just AIO diapers, though. They also have contour diapers, diaper covers, bamboo diapers, flat diapers, inserts and accessories.

They are also the creator of the number one selling bib in America - the Bumkins Superbib! It features a Velcro closure, waterproof, stain resistant fabric and trim and a crumb catcher front pocket.

Bumkins also sells infant and toddler apparel, bags, blankets, towels and an array of Dr. Seuss items - like these awesome Vintage bodysuits.

Congratulations to Tara, our winner:

I had a really hard time deciding but Green Eggs and Ham is the one. (Actually any of the Dr. Seuss)

I think I have your e-mail. Let me look and we can have you choose your AIO!

Thank you Bumkins for allowing me to review an AIO Bumkins diaper.