WIN: Aurora Intuitive Photo Editing Software

Taking pictures of your kids can be a little challenging sometimes. And it's not always their wiggly bottom's fault, though! It can be shadows, lighting or other interferences too. And the thing is, when you take that photo you think, "This is going to be gorgeous!" But when you look at the final result, you realize that obviously your camera did not see the same perfect shot you did.

Sometimes, we all just need a little help to get that perfect shot. Say hello to affordable, intuitive Aurora photo editing software from LightCrafts!

One of my biggest problems is taking pictures of the kids at the beach. If I position them one way, the sun is glaring at their eyes. If I position them the other way, there is a shadow over them. I really wish I had this software last year when I was working on a photo project for my mom, because it really helped enhance my beach photos.

Once you upload the software, it is easy to use. First, it finds your photos. It easily found my file and put them up on a grid for me to view at-a-glace. On this grid you can easily rotate, copy, paste, cut, e-mail and rename images. You double click the image with your mouse to get more in-depth editing options.

I chose a photo of my son that looked a little washed out. Now I was able to do more, like relight the image, make it crisp, edit color strength and warmth, change the color and tint, remove red-eye, crop and straighten the image. Choosing and manipulating any option was easy. Honestly, click-of-the-mouse easy!

For example, I wanted to remove some of the shadows so I chose to relight it. When I did that, it gave me options and examples above the picture of what it would look like lighter or darker. So I chose my favorite look for the photo. Then I manipulated both the color strength and warmth. Here is the original picture and the updated photo.

I think the Relight feature is my really my favorite part of Aurora. I also love that it doesn't save over my original photos, which I panicked for a second when I hit save. But it saved my edited file with the same name as the original plus an “_au” at the end of the file name.

You can log in to Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug or other social media accounts from within Aurora. That will sync Aurora to your social media account and then enable you to edit photos you have on Flickr in Aurora, automatically updating the version on Flickr!

Try & Buy:
You can download a free trial of Aurora from LightCrafts. You can also purchase it from their site for $19.95.

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