Wett Giggles: Bathtime Fun for Everyone

Hamlet and Horatio are my sons' favorite bathtime friends. They are "toy" frogs trapped in soap and they know how what it means to have good, clean fun! Now, there are a few reasons I love these guys.

1. They are soapy and sudsy and get my boys clean.

2. They smell WONDERFUL! Watermelon scented that lingers on the boys skin.

3. Once the soap starts getting "used", the toys pop free! So you get more for your money!

Horatio has already hopped free of his soapy enclosure - and what a surprise that was when it happened. The boys were delighted, as he squeaked around the bathtub and was able to play with our other bathtub friends - rubber duck, dinosaurs and some super heroes. My oldest so badly wanted Hamlet out and free, as well. But I think since Hamlet has more to him - being a nail brush - that it will take longer for him to become free. It took Horatio about a week.

The frogs come from Wett Giggles and are actually named after Shakespearian names. All of the Wett Giggles characters are - and there are more than just watermelon scented frogs! Here is the complete line-up:

Beatrice the Cow - Blackberry Scent - Nail Blush
Cato the Hippo - Grape Scent - Nail Blush
Cupid the Dalmation - Coconut Banana Scent - Nail Blush
Hamlet the Frog - Watermelon Scent - Nail Blush
Horatio the Frog - Watermelon Scent - Squeaky Toy
Juliet the Duck - Orange Scent - Squeaky Toy
Ophelia the Duck - Lemon Essential Oil Scent - Nail Blush
Robin the Bear - Pineapple Scent - Nail Blush
Romeo the Bulldog - Orange Essential Oil - Nail Brush

Now, you see how most of these are Nail Brushes. That way once the soap is used, the family can have healthy nails! But Horatio and Juliet become simple bath toys for wee ones!

I love how a lot of these animal soaps can complement a baby shower theme. Ducks is a common theme! So how about filling a tub with a few of these? They would also make great shower favors - for a baby shower or bridal shower! And, of course, perfect stocking stuffers. I think they would be adorable if you have little house guests coming, as well. Or, simply buy them for your son and daughter to make bathtime a lot more fun! There are just so many reasons to bring a Wett Giggles soap friend home!

So, go have a look and let me know which one is your favorite?