Trunki - For Jet Setting Kids

Okay, so I am gearing up for summer travels. There will be a weekend when my boys are staying with gma and gpa, while I support hubby during his bodybuilding competition. And then we'll be spending 2 weeks at my parent's beach house after that. And then there is that long awaited Disney Trip we are planning for. But, do we have everything we need to travel to and fro with two little toddlers?

What about you? I know many of you are going by train, plane and automobile to little vacations and get-aways. It's so different traveling with kids... a whole new ballgame.

Well, Little Jet Set makes it easy to get everything you need in ONE PLACE. From kid-sized luggage to Zoobies travel pillows/blankets/friends and from travel-friendly-games to travel clothing and gear.

The first time I went to Little Jet Set, I didn't just find things for travels, but great birthday and Christmas Gifts too! And that was when I discovered Trunki. Trunki is a ride-on suitcase, perfect for kids from ages 3 to 6. Although, my littlest one (who has the mad-gross-motor-skills of a monkey) loves to sit, scoot and pull on it, too.

There are currently three different Trunkis to choose from on Little Jet Set. You have Frieda the Cow, Towgo the Green ... horned suitcase. And Trixie - a Pink Horned Suitcase. The horns act as handles to help your child hold on as they either scoot or are pulled along on the suitcase. Here is my Vlog:

Here is why I love Trunkis.
It's Child-Sized. Kids love things made for them.
It's got a secret compartment! So if your child is staying with gma, leave a surprise in the secret compartment for them to find.
It's sturdy, durable and compact. (Meant for carryon - not check-in at the airport)
It's fun as your kids can either scoot or be pulled on it. Therefor it can make an otherwise stressful time more enjoyable.

Trunki's Features.
  • Stabilizers so your child doesn't topple off when riding
  • Saddle-like indentation so your child can easily sit
  • Horn like grips
  • Luggage ID
  • Secure Catch
  • Rubber Rim so fingers don't get pinched when closing
  • Tow strap so you can take them for a ride
Occassions to Buy a Trunki
  • If your child is going to be spending a weekend or longer away from you with other relatives, get them excited by buying them their own suitcase.
  • If you are planning a special trip - say to Disney - make it even more fun with Trunki!
  • If you are going on an airplane, you NEED Trunki. Think Delays. The Trunki is an easy way to keep them entertained.
  • They get tired. Whether they don't want to walk through the hotel or they don't want to walk through an airport, it's a lot easier to pull them than carry them.
  • They take ownership. Since it is their suitcase/pal, they are more likely to pull Frieda behind them when they are in the hotel or airport.
My Son Thinks...
After I received Frieda to review, I told Little Jet Set that my son has a new Lovey. He immediately had to take it with us on errands. So there were my boys in their carseats, with Frieda between them. Then my boys, ages 3ish and 15 months - took turns pulling each other on Frieda. Unbelievable, right? And then they were scooting around on her throughout the house. So, based on that, I will be buying Towgo for my littlest one's birthday.

Here is a video so you can see Trunkis in action.

Also, here are my top three picks from Little Jet Set's site:
  1. Trunkis - of course
  2. Zoobies - Perfect Travel Pets/Pals/Pillows/Blankets. You can read my review here: Zoobies Review.
  3. Mermaids and/or Monsters Magnetic Figures
Shaker72 was the lucky random winner who will win a Trunki! She said:

I would love to pack Hada the Hippo, Polite Pigs Card Game by eeBoo and the Kids Travel Backseat Survival Kit by Klutz!!!

Thank you,

---UPDATE on 5/10. Shaker did not respond to the e-mail so I repulled. Congrats to our new winner JenOms ---

Contest Ended May 4th. Please refer to complete rules.