WIN: Tie Buddies: Teaching Children to Tie Shoes

I swear, I think I was more afraid to teach my son to tie his shoe than use a potty. It just seemed so daunting, especially for a mom whose own shoes are usually untied.

So, to learn how and when to start I did an online search for "When to teach shoe tying". You know, the number one google find led me to Tie Buddies!

According to Tie Buddies, you can start as young as three. So, I decided that I could start teaching my oldest the ropes. And Tie Buddies was there to help both me and him! They sell these cute little "pull tabs" that you can attach to shoe laces. It's easier for small hands to maneuver and helps them create a stronger knot - one that is less likely to untie.

Currently you can purchase a Fairy/Wand set for girls or Racing Cars for boys. I ordered the racing cars. Once they came, they were easy to thread the tabs onto the lace. Then I simply followed the directions on the back of the box. It's great, because with these tabs kids don't need to worry about "loops". The tabs automatically loop the lace for them. Need a visual, check this out.

Right now, my little man is getting the hang of it. He is on the younger side of the recommended age. But from watching him, I definitely can see how this is making it easier to tie shoes. And I have to tell you, it's even helping me make tighter knots on his shoes!

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