Stroller Envy: What Do You Crave?

I had a playdate at the mall with my Mom's Club the other day. One of the moms joined in after me and saw my EasyWalker.

"I have Stroller Envy," she said. "Is this one of ours?"

Yup! You see, she had a tandem and it just didn't steer well and it was a little clunky. But my red Easy Walker steers beautifully with its swivel wheels (with locking capability) and is a comfortable ride for the little ones since it has something similar to "shocks" to absorb bounces in the sidewalk/road/etc. It's uncluttered and fits in my car with ease. I simply have to remove the bumper bar and canopy. But it should fit even easier in larger cars, SUVs and minivans.

Anyways, back to my point. Stroller Envy. I loved that term, because I have experienced it. As a mom, a chic stroller is just as likely to make me turn my head as a cute baby is. In fact, if you want a closer look at a stroller, simply stop the mom and compliment the baby inside. Then take a good look at their stroller!

I know that I was experiencing this when I went to Downtown Disney the other day with my hubby and the boys. He insisted we take the EasyWalker Duo with us, since it would maneuver in the stores easier than the Combi. And while I was busy keeping an eye on our oldest, my husband was fielding questions about the stroller. Left and right moms were approaching him asking how much it was, how did he like it, where could they get one. It was insane! I never had this happen with any other stroller we've owned! I know I am FINALLY happy with my children's ride.

So, Stroller Envy. Have you experienced it? And what strollers are you craving?