WIN: Panasonic Inverter Microwave

I grew up with a Panasonic Microwave. It lasted over 20 years and eventually moved out of my parent's house and into my first apartment. It followed me to my townhome and then my current house. After 20+ years, you have to figure there have been advances in microwave technology. So, I received a Panasonic Microwave/Convection oven (Model NN-C994S) - to use and that trusty other Panasonic went to work with my mom.

Now, obviously I trust the brand. It's the only one I've used faithfully! But, why is an Inverter Microwave a smart choice for moms? Well, because it can handle anything you throw at it. Whether you want to cook a complete meal or just something quick - the Inverter Microwave can get the job done. It can even help you really impress people for get-togethers as it helps you throw together appetizers, soups or even desserts.

No More Overcooked Edges
One thing that makes the Inverter Microwave different than other microwaves is that it delivers a constant energy flow that will adjust its intensity, depending on what you are cooking. Meanwhile, other microwaves use maximum power that shuts on and off during the cooking process to heat your foods at certain temperatures. So while a traditional microwave will "nuke" the edges of your food with this Maximum Power - I found that the Inverter Microwave cooks my food evenly. No more overcooked edges or surfaces!

The Inverter Microwave is super spacious, so you can easily cook big meals for your whole family in it. My NN-C994S was able to handle the Chinese Beef, Beef Curry and even bake a cake with no problem! The inside cavity is 1.5 cubic feet while the turntable has a 15" diameter.

Healthy Cooking
Plus, I am always trying to cook healthier for my kids. The Inverter Microwave allows me that priviledge. That's because it significantly increases the nutrient levels of certain foods, like broccoli, compared to boiling or steaming it.

Microwave, Bake and Broil
As cool as the Inverter Technology is, I just can't get past the fact that I can use this "microwave" as a Convection Oven - or do a Microwave/Convection Oven Combo. That's why I can trust this microwave to bake a cake, broil a steak or make a yummy soup! With this convection oven, you can be assured that your cakes and pies are baked more evenly. And poultry and meats are roasted faster - and stay juicier.

Now, the stainless steel (fingerprint-resistant), multilingual (English, French and Spanish) microwave might seem intimidating at first. But the Dial and Button Panel is easy to use. Plus, you can have the microwave set to Menu Action Screen which prompts you with the next step to take or button to push.

Not just Smart - Genius

This machine doesn't just look smart, it is smart. With a simple touch of a button, I can use the Genius sensor to help reheat and cook my meals as it calculates cooking time and adjusts its power levels.

Keeps Food Warm
Here is another unique feature - it can keep food warm and simmering. So if your hubby comes home late, he doesn't need to eat cold food or reheat his meal. Instead, this Microwave will pulse micowaves to keep food temperature constant - yet it doesn't overcook the food while it's in there. (Did I tell you this machine is genius?)

Don't just reheat food - create a meal. Panasonic is going to help you create awesome meals with your Inverter Microwave through their Virtual Test Kitchen. It comes with a cookbook, plus there are awesome recipes online at Panasonic that walk you through using the Inverter Microwave. Cook eggs, bake cakes, create appetizers, soups and more!

I have to say, I took it for granted - not knowing what "microwaves" were capable of. I think this top-line Inverter Microwave/Convection Oven is completely awesome. I really love what I am able to do with it! That's why I am going to be Vlogging some of the recipes online and showing you what this baby can really do!

Well, I know you are drooling over this Panasonic Microwave. Now, I need you to drool over some recipes! Visit Panasonic's collection of recipes and tell me which would be the first item you would cook in your Panasonic Microwave. Because, one lucky buzz reader will win a Panasonic Microwave/Convection oven (Model NN-C994S) - a $699.95 Value.

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