One Step Ahead Wins Multiple 2008 Buzzillions Reviewers' Choice Awards!

OneStepAhead is a great place to check-out for unique and wonderful kid's products. So it's no surprise that some of their products won Buzzillions Reviewer’s Choice™ Awards. These products were created by Chelsea and Scott's inhouse design team and can only be found at and The winners are:

Tub Hub Organizer Tray
Baby Bath Toys - Best Overall

26 Piece Puzzle Mat Letters
Baby Development Toys for First Time Parents
Baby Development Toys – Best Overall

Juice Pal
Baby Feeding Accessories - Best Overall

Winners of the Buzzillions Reviewers’ Choice Awards are selected based on the opinions of real consumers who have purchased and used the product and posted their reviews on , the Web’s premier hub for customer reviews.

“The opinion that matters most to us is that of our customers,” said Karen Scott, President of Chelsea & Scott, Ltd. “We are particularly proud to be recognized in the Buzzillions Reviewers’ Choice Awards as it is wholly based on the feedback of those who have experienced our products first hand. We will continue to strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and seek out their suggestions on what is—and isn’t—working.”

“Most product awards are judged by a small group of industry experts,” said Andy Chen, CEO of Buzzillions. “The Buzzillions Reviewers’ Choice Awards are unique in that they are judged by the people, for the people. It speaks volumes for One Step Ahead to be recognized by the toughest judges of all—their customers.”

Tub Hub Organizer Tray keeps tub toys neat yet within reach of little hands, encouraging independence and neat habits. Gripper pads on the sides hold it in place. The organizer tray is mold-resistant, vented for quick-drying, and holds up to 10 pounds of toys. ($10.95)

The 26 Piece Puzzle Mat is simply the cushiest, safest, most interactive foam play mats around! At 5/8" thick, our foam play mat is thicker and more comfortable than standard ½" versions. It's also safe for newborns, not just preschoolers like those others, because pieces are larger and safer for the ultimate, grow-with-me value. Kids don't just play ON it, they play WITH it: pop out the textured cutouts for learning fun. ($29.95)

The Juice Pal is the only one that fits ALL size boxes and pouches — and is insulated to keep drinks cold! Instead of squeezing their juice box (and spraying sticky drinks everywhere), kids hold onto the Juice Pal's soft-grip handles. For ages 18 months and up. ($3.95)

For a full list of winners visit Buzzillions Reviewers’ Choice Award Announcement.