One Step Ahead Travel Bed: Win

This time of year my little family travels a bit. We either go south to visit friends or north to go to my parent's beach house. Now, when it was just hubby and me - it was pretty easy to accommodate us. But once you add kids to the equation, it gets a bit tricky. Especially when their "sleep needs" change at different times and in different ways.

Now, where your child sleeps at night when traveling usually depends on age and mobility. My oldest slept in his pack-n-play until... 19 months or so? Then he would cry if we tried to use it, so he started sleeping on an air mattress with us. A little crowded. So I did some research and found a company called One Step Ahead that has so many cool products for children! And right now they have some great beach and travel products!

For example, they have a beach cabana for infants and toddlers! It looks so roomy and great for protecting your little ones from the sun! And for just $30 more you can get a family sized cabana!

If you have a pool or are visiting a relative/friend with a pool - you might be very interested in a pool guard! It sets off a loud noise when the pool's surface is broken by a child or pet of 18 pounds or greater.

One Step Ahead also has travel beds made specifically for children of all ages - infants to toddlers. And I was allowed to review the Travel 'n Trundle, a One Step Ahead exclusive! This travel bed is so light, so it's very portable - it even comes with a carry bag and sheet. It measures 52"L x 26"W x 5"H and rolls up easily.

My intention was to use the bed with my almost 3 year old, so that I could get more room on my air mattress when I visited my parent's beach house. But...things change! That night my monkey-hybrid 16 month old figured out how to climb out of his pack-n-play. Oi.

So we rolled out and assembled the trundle bed in seconds! We put the One Step Ahead mattress next to the other mattresses on the floor and my little one passed out on it - nice and cozy. My husband fell asleep on his mattress and I fell asleep with my oldest on my mattress.

But that One Step Ahead mattress must have been completely cozy, because my little one slept until 9:00 am the next morning! Usually when my kids sleep in their pack-n-plays they seem to wake up earlier! So, we were VERY PLEASED.

I definitely think the One Step Ahead mattress is so much more comfortable for kids than a sleeping bag on the floor. Or, thinking selfishly, it would definitely be more comfortable for me if my oldest slept on one too! Overall, I think it's a great product for summer travels!

Congratulations to our winner - #234!

Portable Canopy Chair is awesome. We live at the beach and are always there. My son burns and this shade chair would be awesome for him

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Thank you to One Step Ahead for allowing the Mom Buzz to review your travel bed!