Oliver Labels Helps Your Stuff Find Its Way Home

There are many companies that sell Labels. I've tried a few now and definitely can appreciate the unique features that each one has. But, I think we have a winner. Well, at least I feel that I found a feature that best meets my needs as a busy mother on-the-go:

You heard me right, there is a label out there that includes a numeric code next to your name. So, if someone finds an item with your label, they can make sure it gets back to you using the Free Found-It Online Tracking System.

Colors, Durability, Graphics, Stickiness, Fun Fonts - are they as important as an online tracking system? Well, if you said yes - you are in luck! Because this label company brings it ALL to the table.

So, where do you go for these fabulous labels? Oliver's Labels! Their labels are water proof, weather proof and scuff resistant. They can be used on items that go in the dishwasher, freezer or outdoors. Put them on everything, from your phone to your kid's scooter - that way if it gets lost, the person that finds your item can simply visit OliversLabels.com/found to reunite you with your missing item. Because, face it, a name-only label might work when trying to distinguish between items at camp. But a tracking label works better for something you lose at the mall, movie theater or theme park.

One of the newer products that you can find at Oliver's Labels is Stick-eez clothing labels. No sewing, no ironing, just peel and stick on the clothing tag in your child's clothes. And yes, they fit that tracking code even on this small label! But there are many other labels and sizes to choose from, such as the original 2" x 3/4" labels, mini labels iron-on clothing labels, bag totes, shoe labels and mini bag tags. Those bag tags are great when traveling! And you can get different packages that have combinations of these tags.

The available designs are bright, colorful and fun. My boys have a Sports Themed Package, with soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, hockey pucks and basketballs. But you can also get animal faces, butterflies, dinosaurs, fantasy-themed, flowers, nature, outer space, school, to animals, transportation or simply colors.

Definitely check out Oliver's Labels. I think they are the must have label for summer travels and vacations, when a lot of your kids favorite things can get lost at any rest shop or theme park across the country. Heck, I would love to stick these on the kids! So simply visit OliversLabels.com and get your own labels with the unique Found-It tracking system.

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