Munchkin Toddler Plates

I usually buy my boys toddler plates at the supermarket, but they just don't last. The "brittle", hard plastic breaks if they are dropped. So the other day when I was going down the aisle, a bright 3-pack of toddler plates by Munchkin caught my eye. It was $6.49 for three of them - not bad! But would they last? Well, only one way to find out - I bought them.

What I love:
I love the bright colors that they came in. It was purple with green trim, orange with purple trim and green with blue trim. The rubber rim is good for gripping. They also have a rubberized, no-slip base. The plastic on the plates has a raised design of swirls, but it does not interfere or make washing more difficult. And no food gets stuck under the rubber rim, which I was concerned may happen. Also, the plastic is not a hard, brittle plastic. It seems more toddler friendly. Also the plates are not completely flat. They are raised at the edges slightly, so it helps keep food on the plate as they eat and move utensils around.

The plates are also BPA free and non toxic.

Good to know:
These plates are meant to be used for ages 12 months and up. The plates are top dishwasher safe. Wash before use. They are made in China. It's a Munchkin product, so you can learn more at and/or call 800.344.2229 with questions or concerns.


There is nothing not to like about these plates. They are more colorful and last longer than the other plates I have used. It makes me want to try some of their other feeding products - like the rubber spoons and suction bowls.

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