Movie Review: Hotel For Dogs

Do you visit IMDB for movie reviews? I do. Usually it's a great resource, but it is TOTALLY INACCURATE for kids movies. Who is rating these movies there? Dads forced to see a child-friendly movie when they would rather be watching some gory hit man movie?

Anyways, I had the pleasure of watching Hotel for Dogs the other night. The child actors were funny and delivered their lines perfectly. The adults played their parts well, as the supporting cast to the teenagers and dogs. Oh yes, those dogs had extreme character and you could almost hear what they were thinking with a wag of a tail, a whimper, or that wonderful dog smile with the tongue hanging out.

Pretty much, the story revolves around Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake Austin). They are brother and sister that move from foster home to foster home. They always hide their family pet - Friday the dog, since the system wouldn't allow for it otherwise. They pull a lot of scams to help them move out of a foster home when they really don't like it. But through a series of events they, along with two pet store employees, turn a run down, abandoned hotel into a place for homeless dogs to go. Bruce is a wizard with electronics and he creates a whole system to see to the dogs needs - poop scooping, exersizing, feeding, etc.

Of course, something has to go wrong. Police, dog catchers, their awful foster parents are all "out to get them". And the only person on their side is Bernie, the agent who helps them move from foster home to foster home. Can he help them get out of the biggest mess yet?

If you have kids, I am positive there is something for all ages. Dogs, a little romance, lots of prat falls and comedy and the genius inventions that Bruce comes up with. Oh - and the tear jerker ending for me. Yes! I cried and tried to hide it from my hubby!

Favorite Dog:
Friday the terrier is the star of the movie. But I loved the duo Lenny (Bullmastiff) and Georgia (Boston Terrier). Lenny was such a big lug! Oh - I also loved Cooper - the bulldog. Lot's of great dogs!

Nearly 70 dogs were used for the making of this motion picture, many of which were actually rescued from the pound. Several of them were adopted by crew members after filming wrapped.


This is solely the opinion of the Mom Buzz. Other people may have different experiences with the product.